Responsibilities of a Captain


Be accountable for upholding National Regulation # 1.04E(4) Player Agreement. All players participating in the USTA League, as a condition of said participation, agree to abide and be bound by the USTA  Constitution and Bylaws, the FRIEND AT COURT – The USTA Handbook of Tennis Rules and Regulations including THE CODE and Wheelchair Rules of Tennis (unless modified by these USTA LEAGUE REGULATIONS); the USTA LEAGUE REGULATIONS; and the standards of good conduct, fair play and good sportsmanship.

General Responsbilities

  1. Attend the Captains Meetings.
  2. Ensure all players have an NTRP rating, have a current USTA membership and are registered in TennisLink before they play their first match.
  3. Make sure all players are committed to playing on the team before they register as there are no guarantees to a local league refund.
  4. Schedule team members for matches. Once matches are scheduled, either by the Local Adult Play Coordinator or between captains in the case of rain make-ups the captain should ensure all  individual matches are played in accordance with league regulations.
  5. Advise players when they are scheduled and whether they need to bring balls.
  6. Exchange the line-up of the team with the opposing captain before each match.
  7. Timely report scores in TennisLink as required.
  8. Act on behalf of the team in un-officiated matches and file appeals and/or complaints. Captains are the responsible parties for rule interpretations and for challenges.
  9. Keep in contact with the Local Adult Play Coordinator. If there is doubt of a match time or scheduling question the captain must contact the Local Adult Play Coordinator and should not wait for the Local Adult Play Coordinator to call them.

Form A Team

Teams are formed in many ways. Some are groups of friends who start a team because they enjoy being together. Others are structured by club pros or directors from their membership ranks. If you are looking for more players, check with your facility, local pro shops, local league coordinator, local USTA website and your teammates. They may know of others who would love to join you. Don’t limit your team to only those you know. Half the fun of USTA League Tennis is meeting and making new friends.

Getting Registered

The required number of team members must be registered on your roster in TennisLink prior to playing a match and before the deadline. To register, players must be a current member of the USTA and have either a valid computer rating or will need to self rate.

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League Regulations

The captain, as well as all league players, must read and follow the rules and regulations. National regulations are available on the web. In addition, each section and local league may also have their own regulations that govern play. It is your responsibility to know and convey these to your players. It is also a good idea to acquire the Friend at Court Handbook of Rules & Regulations which includes The Code for unofficiated matches to use as a general reference for rules of tennis. 

Click the button below to choose your County and get your National, Sectional, and Local Regultations.

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Home Matches

Verify all home matches with your facility. Check for court availability, court fees, guest fees, and any other requirements of your home facility.

Who will provide the balls?

Player Availability

The Team Management Tool in TennisLink can be used by each team member to go through the schedule and let you know of their availability.

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Team Meeting

Have a team meeting and agree on the team philosophy. Is the team playing to win or playing for fun? Will only the strongest players play matches or will everyone participate equally? Who will decide the match lineups? If everyone on the team is aware of these issues and agrees, you will have a much more successful season as captain. Discuss team expenses; establish how court fees, balls, etc will be paid as well as the deadline. Having a coach, pro, team manager or co-captain assist you with team lineups may be helpful.

One Week Prior To A Match

  1. Verify home matches with your facility. Are they reserved for your team?
  2. Contact the opposing captain. Confirm When (day/time); Where (get directions if necessary); Match Duration (will all courts be played at the same time, will this be a split or a timed match?); Court fees? Are spectators allowed? Are there any specific facility rules? Is water offered on-site or will players need to bring their own? Who is the captain or acting captain for the match? If you are not going to be present at the match, appoint acting captain to arrange pre-match details.

Note: To find Captain contact info easily:

  1. Login to the TennisLink Leagues Homepage
  2. Navigate to the desired team’s Team Summary page
  3. Click Captain’s Report

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Day Before a Match

  1. Verify your lineup. Arrange alternates.
  2. Check your roster on TennisLink. Make sure all players are registered.
  3. Plan transportation and arrival time. Arrange carpools if necessary.

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Before a Match

  1. Print match scorecard from TennisLink. All eligible players, including any last day additions to the roster, will be listed. Collect money from your team and pay court fees and/or guest fees if necessary.
  2. Provide balls for home matches. Every match should be played with new USTA approved tennis balls appropriate for the court surface.
  3. Meet with the opposing captain and go over any ground rules. Discuss which match will be played on which court; which team will use what color score-tenders; format for tiebreaks (regular or Coman procedure); and default procedure.
  4. Exchange scorecard lineups BEFORE players walk onto the courts. All players
    should be present prior to exchanging lineups.

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Immediately After A Match

  1. Get the score from each court and record on your scorecard. Note the winner and record the score from the winner’s perspective.
  2. Get opposing captain’s signature after the match is over. Both captains should agree on the winners, scores and score entry.
  3. Meet with your players and discuss any questions or disputes. If possible, go have a meal together to promote team bonding!

After A Match

  1. Record your match scores in TennisLink within 48 hours of the match. If the opposing captain has already entered the scores, carefully check the entered scores and confirm or dispute the entry.
  2. If a score or player name is incorrect, reach out to the opposing captain to confirm the correct name or score. If you are able to reach an agreement, then send a final email thread to your League Coordinator, copying the opposing captain. If you and the opposing captain are unable to resolve a name or scoring dispute, contact your Local League Coordinator for guidance.
  3. File any necessary protest/grievance in writing to the League Coordinator.

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How to View Your Team's Schedule

This video will walk you through step-by-step to navigate to and view your team’s schedule on TennisLink.

How to enter your match scores

This video will walk you through step-by-step of how to enter your team match scores on TennisLink.

How to view your team's standings

This video will walk you through step-by-step to navigate to and view your team’s standings on TennisLink.

Penalty Sanctions

Players, Teams, and Captains can be penalized and sanctions for various actions and/or behavior.  Please click the button below to see the list of offenses and the corresponding penalties and sanctions for players and/or Captains.

Captains Beware

Players withholding pertinent information when self-rating your players is an EGREGIOUS act and a violation of National Regulation Item 1.04E(4)(Player Agreement) and can lead to serious consequences.  Sanctions may include suspension from USTA League Tennis for the captain, player and team.  Captains do not self-rate players. Players do their own self-rating.


USTA Florida has sanctioned captains, players and teaching professionals for falsifying USTA League match scores and/or reporting matches that were not actually played in TennisLink.  These individuals have been sanctioned to include the entire team being denied the opportunity to advance to championships, players being suspended from all USTA League play, and captains have been precluded from holding the position of captain, co-captain or managing a team in any form for a period of time up to one year.

USTA Florida will not tolerate the unethical and unsportsmanlike behavior of any individuals associated with USTA League Tennis in any manner.

Please govern yourselves accordingly.

Suspension Point System  Suspension Point System Q&A  Suspension Point System Calculation Tables

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