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April 22nd – Tennis Management Division

Things to consider/plan for when re-opening your facility.

USTA Playing Tennis Safely Guidelines

April 24th - BONUS Episode

USTA Florida President Clark Higgs joins the podcast for this special bonus edition. Hear what he has to say about the prospects for returning to play in Florida and what players can expect when returning to their local courts.

April 29th – Adult Beginner Programs

How can new players find a court and get started after COVID-19

May 6TH – Grants & Financial Support

How is the USTA Florida Section Foundation working to help get programs started again? What funding is available and what are the requirements?

May 13th – Adult Leagues

What changes can players expect; what is USTA FL weighing in terms of local play and sectional events? How will the suspension of play impact future seasons and the sectional championships?

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May 20th – Youth Tournaments

When tournament play resumes, what can players expect? What changes/challenges can tournament directors expect?

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May 27th – Community/Adaptive

What special considerations do we need to address for the special needs populations? How can families continue to play and stay safe? Will we be back in schools this fall?

June 3rd – Junior Team Tennis

When will Junior Team Tennis be back, and how can we play safely? How will the suspension impact future seasons and the section championships?

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