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July 1st - Sectional Events

USTA Florida Sectional Events are making a comeback in August. Tune in to hear what we will be hosting next month at the USTA National Campus and what players can expect.

July 8th – Adaptive Programs Podcast

Tune in as USTA Florida’s Community Team connects with Representatives from Special Olympics and Love Serving Autism to discuss guidelines for resuming adaptive programs and how coaches and volunteers can get training.

July 15th – Social Justice/Equality in Tennis

USTA Florida Diversity and Outreach Coordinator Ron Lyons shares his insights on how USTA Florida is addressing inequality in tennis and amplifying voices that need to be heard.

July 22nd - JTT Program

When and where will junior team tennis return to the Sunshine State? Youth Team Play Manager Liz Coates is ready to bring this important program back this fall. Tune in to find out when and where you can play.

July 29th - Schools/After-School

With Florida schools working on their return to the classroom, USTA Florida Community Play Coordinating Mag Holt is working on keep kids active in PE and After-School. Check out what she has to say about the return of teacher-run programs this year.

Past Episodes

April 22nd – Tennis Management Division

Things to consider/plan for when re-opening your facility.

USTA Playing Tennis Safely Guidelines

April 24th - BONUS Episode

USTA Florida President Clark Higgs joins the podcast for this special bonus edition. Hear what he has to say about the prospects for returning to play in Florida and what players can expect when returning to their local courts.

April 29th – Adult Beginner Programs

How can new players find a court and get started after COVID-19

May 6TH – Grants & Financial Support

How is the USTA Florida Section Foundation working to help get programs started again? What funding is available and what are the requirements?

May 13th – Adult Leagues

What changes can players expect; what is USTA FL weighing in terms of local play and sectional events? How will the suspension of play impact future seasons and the sectional championships?

Adult & Social League Safety Guidelines

May 20th – Youth Tournaments

When tournament play resumes, what can players expect? What changes/challenges can tournament directors expect?

Tournament Safety Guidelines

May 27th – Community/Adaptive

What special considerations do we need to address for the special needs populations? How can families continue to play and stay safe? Will we be back in schools this fall?

June 3rd – Junior Team Tennis

When will Junior Team Tennis resume and what will players and parents need to consider? How will the suspension impact future seasons and the section championships?


June 10th - Summer Camps at USTA FL Managed Facilities

With Florida facilities re-opening in June, the big question is how/if to run a summer camp. USTA FL Director of Tennis Management Frank Swope and Training and Quality Assurance Manager Lori Burdell discuss the new “normal” for youth summer camps at USTA FL managed facilities and what campers (and parents) can expect. Click the link below to see how USTA Florida Managed Facilities Summer Camps have changed this year for increased safety. 

Click here for the outline

June 17th - Public Park Challenges/Opportunities

The public park system is critical to resuming tennis play in Florida. Navigating how to re-open a public park facility after COVID-19 is complicated. Join us for a conversation with Board member Marcelo Gouts, who will share his insights on how to bring tennis back to the parks, what he sees in terms of demand, and how we can grow.

June 17th - USTA National Campus

What does it take to re-open a 100 court tennis facility? What will USTA Florida (and other entities) need to consider when hosting events at the USTA National Campus? We’ll tackle those topics and more with General Manager Tim Cass and Senior Director of Events and Collegiate Elissa Hill.

June 24th - Youth and Adult Program Restart Guidelines

With USTA Florida programs on target to start in July, what are the guidelines that players and providers will need to follow in order to resume play? Join us for two separate podcasts with our Directors of youth and adult tennis to hear about the new guidelines and where/when you can play leagues and tournaments in July. 

Frequently Asked Questions

General Play

It’s best to contact the facility directly for information. Some parks are still closed, and that information may be available on the city or county website. You can also call our staff at USTA Florida who will be happy to assist you.

The state of Florida does not have guidelines for playing tennis. However, USTA and USTA Florida are recommending these guidelines for playing tennis. 

USTA Florida recognizes that coronavirus has been affecting different parts of Florida in different ways and with different timing. USTA has issued safe play tips and recommendations for players and facilities, which can be found by clicking here.

This decision varies greatly. Local governments are a big part of the decision, especially with public parks. For clubs, it also can be up to the club board of directors, members and managers. 


All league play is suspended, not necessarily canceled through June 30th. Local Play Coordinators will be analyzing many factors when leagues do resume to determine whether specific leagues will resume or conclude. Your Local Play Coordinator’s goal is to finish any outstanding leagues in progress, if possible. In some cases, the local tennis infrastructure may not be ready to support league play right away, so certain areas may resume more quickly than others.

Local Play Coordinators will be revising their league calendars to maximize each area’s most popular league products and/or correspond with the revised Sectional schedule. This may not be what was next in your typical year’s league calendar. Prior to the resumption of play your local schedule will be updated on your USTA Florida county page. Go to and use the drop-down menu to find your county page.

The goal of your Local Play Coordinator is to complete all outstanding leagues. In some instances, most matches may have been played, and there may be a clear league winner, so further play may not be necessary. Your Local Play Coordinator will work with each league division to determine whether the league resumes or concludes.

You may have several options. You may choose to stay with the same team, once play resumes, so that you can continue to advance with your team.  If your league has not played, or you have played up to two matches, you may be eligible to be moved to a new team, you may receive a league credit for a future league, or you may be issued a refund.  Please note the refund will be less the Active registration fee which is not paid to USTA Florida. Your Local Play Coordinator in your area will be communicating more information about this as leagues resume, but you may reach out sooner if you have additional questions or concerns. Please note that each individual player may have different options based on their unique situation.

Yes. If your league has not played, you are eligible to be moved to a new team or you may receive a league credit for a future league, or you may be issued a refund. Please note the refund will be less the Active registration fee that is not paid to USTA Florida. Your Local Play Coordinator in your area will be communicating more information about this as leagues resume, but you may reach out sooner if you have additional questions or concerns.

Go to and use the drop-down menu to find your county. Your Local Adult Play Coordinator’s contact information is located there.

USTA Florida has not determined whether we will host any Sectional Championships this year though we remain optimistic. We continue to work with the USTA National Campus, our host facility, to determine the feasibility of such events.

USTA Florida will use several criteria to determine which Sectionals to host and in what order. One of the major factors will be overall league completion and serving as many of our players as possible. We are also considering the results of the survey to our players. Additionally, USTA Florida staff works throughout the year with our volunteer Leagues committee and we will continue to collaborate to make the best decisions possible.

USTA Florida does not dictate when individual facilities allow play. This decision is made by the facility management, and/or state and local government.

USTA National League program is currently working through these decisions and once a decision is rendered USTA Florida will communicate it out to its players.

For full statement on USTA National Championship cancellations please click here


USTA Safe Play guidelines can be found on our website at

You will need to contact your facility directly for their facility specific guidelines. USTA has issued recommendations to facilities and providers, but each facility operates independently and makes decisions on their guidelines as such.

For the most up to date information, please visit our website

Yes, there have been some relaxations made to the 2020 National & Sectional regulations. All regulation amendments will be available on your local county page at prior to the resumption of play.

Desirae is the Section League Coordinator and works in the Orlando office for USTA Florida to oversee the USTA League program. The communication sent by Desirae is generally regarding organizational information that needs to be sent to all players and captains throughout the state.  


Junior Tournaments

Please visit here for more information on the 2021 tournament realignment. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to move forward with this event as originally scheduled in June of 2020. We recognize how significant this tournament is to our Florida community and will look at all available opportunities to reschedule. With the intent of hosting the “Bobby Curtis” Junior Sectional Singles Championship in the Fall of 2020 we will communicate any further reschedule information when it becomes available.

The full statement can be viewed here.

Junior Team Tennis

Unfortunately, the 2020 Summer USTA Florida Junior Team Tennis Sectional (USTA National Championship qualifier) and the 2020 USTA National Championship will be cancelled. We understand this is a difficult time for all involved and we apologize for the inconvenience this is causing.

The full statement can be viewed here.