Team Tennis

Play with a team and enjoy a fun, no-pressure experience.


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Entry- Level Tournaments

Entry-Level Tournaments (Level 9) are ideal for youth players to get their first individual play experience in a no-pressure environment that is fun and supportive.


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Team Tennis

Teams of similar age and skill levels play together in a fun no-pressure environment and continue on the Youth Progression Pathway.


The following areas have Orange Ball Junior Team Tennis Leagues forming:

Alachua Broward Duval Escambia Marion Martin Miami-Dade Monroe Palm Beach Pinellas St. Johns St. Lucie Volusia

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Junior Tournaments

The first step on ou Youth Progression Pathway, Orange ball tournaments are a great way for players to develop their individual match play skills!

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Click the links below to find upcoming Orange Ball events.

Orange Ball Level 1 Orange Ball Level 2

Orange Ball Championships Orange Ball Qualifiers

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Team Tennis

Playing with a team in a fun no-pressure environment is a great way for players to step up their game and complete the Youth Progression Pathway.


The following areas have Green Ball Junior Team Tennis Leagues forming:

Alachua Broward Duval Escambia Marion Miami-Dade Monroe Palm Beach Pinellas St. Johns Volusia

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Junior Tournaments

Green ball tournaments are ideal for 10u players who are looking to master individual play and take their skills to the next level.

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Click the link below to find upcoming Green Ball events.

Green Ball Level 1 Tournaments

Green Ball Championship Info Green Ball Qualifiers

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Youth Progression Pathway

USTA has designed a best-in-class system to track the progress of junior players, ages 10 and Under from Orange Ball to Green Ball and Green Ball to Yellow Ball. The system will track a player’s progress through participation in tournaments and Junior Team Tennis. Players earn participation credits for completing in Tournaments and Junior Team Tennis. Players earn achievement credits for match wins. “Bonus points” are awarded for select tournaments. The mission is to clear each level by collecting a combination of 20 virtual participation stars and/or trophies. Players can track their progress on their Player Profile Page. The more they play, and the more they improve their skills and clear each level, the more stars and trophies they accumulate.  Every child develops at their own rate, therefore there is no specific timeline for moving along the pathway.

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Does This Apply To Me?

Players must be a minimum age of 7 years old to register for tournaments.

On the first day of their 11th birthday month they will automatically progress out of the system.

Before the age of 7, players can play in unlimited practice matches, Play Days, and Junior Team Tennis.

How Progress Is Tracked

USTA Florida tracks both participation (stars) and achievement (trophies) for players who have a USTA membership.

Players and parents can easily track progress through the pathway by logging on to the Player Profile Page. To access the Player Profile Page please click the button below and then on the “My Tennis” tab. Enter the players USTA number and password to be directed to the players welcome screen. This screen will allow the player to access various items including his or her “Youth Progression Progress Report”.

Progress is displayed as “trophies” for achievement and “stars” for participation. This helps players, parents and coaches track progress and find upcoming play opportunities that fit a players age and skill level.

If desired, the player can upload a photo to his/her player profile page by clicking “Manage Account” directly under the players USTA Account number in the top right corner of the welcome screen. 

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USTA Junior Player Promise

I recognize that tennis is a sport that places the responsibility for fair play on me.

I promise to abide by the rules of the game, which require me to give the benefit of the doubt to my opponent.

At all times I shall strive to compete with the true spirit of sportsmanship, recognizing that my behavior on the court is a direct reflection of my character.

Whether this match ends with my victory or defeat, I promise to conduct myself in a way that honors my opponents, my team, those who support me, and the game of tennis.

Have Questions?

Do you have questions or need additional assistance?  We are here to help!

Contact Christina Lucas for Youth Pathway & Junior Tournaments questions and assistance, and Elizabeth Coates for Junior Team Tennis related questions and assistance.