Florida Tennis On Campus Series Points System

The Florida Tennis On Campus Series is a 6-month season of club competition hosted on school campuses where clubs are awarded points for participation, results, recruiting new schools, volunteering in the community and more!

Volunteering With USTA100 (Up to 300)At least five (5) members of the TOC club volunteer with the USTA. 100 points awarded for first time; 50 points awarded each successive time. Must be documented with photos.
Recruiting a new school/team to a Florida Campus Series event200 For Campus Series/300 For SectionalsAwarded for each new school that attends a Florida Campus Series event.
Winning USTA Florida Tennis on Campus Club of the Year300Awarded to the school that earns TOC club of the year designated by USTA. Nominate A Club Today
Hosting a Florida Campus Series event200Host a TOC event on your campus.
Conference call participation50 points per callPoints awarded each time a TOC club officer is present for 100% of conference calls set by USTA Florida.
Campus Series participation25 per team (up to 4 teams)Points awarded based on participation at Florida Campus Series events; 25 points per team; 100 points max.
TOC Series Event Tournament Results
  • Gold Winner (200)
  • Gold Finalist (100)
  • Gold Semi-Finalist (75)
  • Silver Winner (50)
  • Silver Finalist (35)
  • Bronze Winner (20)
  • Bronze Finalist (15)
Tennis on Campus series events hosted by Florida Schools. Lead up tournaments to Florida Section Championships
Florida Section Championships – Tournament Results
  • Gold Winner (300)
  • Gold Finalist (200)
  • Gold Semi-Finalist (100)
  • Silver Winner (75)
  • Silver Finalist (50)
  • Bronze Winner (35)
  • Bronze Finalist (20)
Florida Section Championships held in February
  1. University of Miami
  2. University of Central Florida
  3. University of South Florida
  4. Florida State University
  5. University of Florida
  6. Florida Gulf Coast University
  7. Florida Atlantic University
  8. University of North Florida
  1. University of Tampa
  2. Nova Southeastern University
  3. Stetson University
  4. Santa Fe College
  5. Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
  6. Rollins College
  7. Florida Institute of Technology
  8. Lynn University

*As of 11/2018

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