Warm-up & Health

If your body isn’t ready, your muscles aren’t ready! Before a match, it’s important to set aside some time pre-practice or pre-competition to properly warm-up.  

Get Tennis Arms

Lori shows you how to get a great workout at home to keep your strength up with items around the house.

Playing in the Heat

It’s no secret, it gets hot here in Florida. The problem is when the temperature rises, it could quickly chip away at your regular performance levels. Check out these tips to up your hydration and help you keep your cool on the court.

Wheelchair Warm-Up

Developing good stretching and warm-up habits is vital to your game. Bill explains why it’s important for wheelchair players to keep their muscles active and engaged.


Did you know stretching after you play is just as important as stretching before? Cool down your body after an active day on the court with some of these tips.

Adaptive Tennis

USPTA Pro & Founder of Love Serving Autism, Lisa Pugliese, talks about the key components needed to deliver a successful adaptive tennis program. Find out more about Love Serving Autism at www.LoveServingAutism.org

Modified Strokes

Recovering from an injury or surgery? Lori goes over how you can work to modify your stroke for a safe return to the game. With Doctor approval of course.

Ladder Drills

Your fitness is the cornerstone of your tennis game. Lace up your sneakers, grab your racquet, and get your feet moving with these ladder drills from John.

Workout At Home

Even if you can’t get to the gym or the court, it’s important to get your heart pumping! Bill shares some workout tips for wheelchair athletes at home.

Red Ball

With a little help from some prehistoric friends, Lori demonstrates a variety of easy red ball drills that you can work on at home.

Athletic Skills

Understanding how to utilize your body can make it easier to improve your tennis game. Learn how developing your overall athletic skills can be beneficial on the court.

Tips for Hitting Against a Wall

Christopher gives some great tips for getting a good workout using a wall indoors as well as outdoors.


Do you have rituals before you get on court for a match? Lori talks about how rituals can help calm nerves and get you focused.

Mental Warmup & Match Play

Get your head in the game! Lori explains how to win the mental warmup and why it’s important to focus on your mental game before and during a match.

Indoor Footwork Drills

Put those feet to work! Whether in your backyard, driveway or living room – working on your quickness, agility and footwork at home can happen anywhere.

Dynamic Warm Up

Getting ready to play or practice means having a good warm-up routine. Check out some dynamic warm-up tips with Christopher.

Drills At Home

Stay active and have fun around the house with tennis drills the whole family can do together!

Coordination Drills

Christopher takes you through several great drills you can do at home to keep your eye-hand coordination at it’s peak.

Rules & Sportsmanship

Tennis is a unique sport, one that is often played without supervision, referees or officials. As a tennis player, it is important that you know and follow the rules and practice the courtesy of good sportsmanship on court.

In or Out

Making good line calls is important, but it’s not always easy to tell whether a ball is in or out. Lori provides some tips and practice scenarios you can set up at home.

The History Of Tennis

Lori answers questions about the origins of tennis and how the sport came to be what it is today.

How To Play A Match

Who serves first? What side of the court am I on? What is the point system? Christopher breaks down everything you need to know when it comes to playing a match.


Lori Burdell reviews some ways you can be respectful of others and have a great experience on court with etiquette tips.

10 & Under Equipment

The best way to make sure younger players are having success on the court is with the best equipment! John delves into the options available for them, from kid-sized equipment to different court sizes.


Advance your game with these various strategies to help maximize your strengths and rule the court!

Tennis Tricks

Have some spare time on the court? Want to impress your family and friends? Try your hand at these tennis tricks to give yourself a bit of style!

Playing In Sun & Wind

Sun in your eyes and/or wind can affect our ability to be at the top of your game. John goes over some ways to deal with sunny and/or windy conditions.

Adding Weight To Your Racquet

Are you thinking about customizing an existing racquet and adding some weight? Travis goes over why players may want to do this and how to do it.


There are several things to consider when it comes to strings and staying at the top of your game. John covers the various aspects of choosing the best strings and tension for you.

Choosing Your Racquet

Looking for the perfect fit? In search of “the one”? Christopher explains why it’s important to weigh all your options when choosing your racquet!

Doubles Approach Shot

An important set situation for you and your doubles partner! John explains why you want to have a strategy when it comes to your doubles approach shots.

Areas of the Court

It’s time to get up close and personal with the court! Learn why spatial awareness on the court is important when it comes to determining your shots.

Situational Shot Selection

Situational shot selection – can you say that three times fast? Frank breaks down how to apply what you’ve learned through practice to a particular point, set, or match.

Backhand Approach Shot

Up your game when it comes to approaching the net! Learn the differences between two different types of backhand approach shots and the grip, footwork and strategy needed for a successful completion.

Doubles Formations

Grab your pen and paper because class is now in session! The topic? Doubles strategy and tactics! Learn when, how, and where to use these formations to benefit your doubles game. 

Doubles Strategy

Communication is key when playing doubles! Focus on these strategy tips to help you ace the fast-paced world of doubles play.

Singles Strategy

This is a great time to think through your game. Travis offers some advice to to your singles strategy to the next level.

Grip Sizes

Choosing the right grip is key to keeping you at the top of your game. John walks through grip sizes and more for making the best decisions for you.

Zones Of The Court

It’s time to get in the zone! Do you know the differences when it comes to the zones of the tennis court? Travis gives you all the details when it comes to defensive, neutral, and attacking zones.

Playing In Cold Weather

When the cold weather creeps in, it’s important to not only dress for success, but to also adjust your game! Travis shares some tips to ensure the chill in the air doesn’t impact your play.


From high forehands to slice backhands, learn about different tips to enhance your game from the baseline!

Stroke Grips

The tennis grips you use have a big influence on your style of play. So what grips should you be using when it comes to executing different shots? John demonstrates.


Having issues with your ball dropping in the bottom of the net or your ball sailing out? Lori shares a tip on how to get the most out of your topspin.

Two-Handed Backhand

Travis goes over some of the advantages and disadvantages of the two-handed backhand and discusses some drills you can practice at home.

5 Controls Of The Ball

Mastery of the five controls of the ball is essential to mastery of tennis stroke production – but what are they? Christopher breaks down the ball control basics.

Strike Zones of Tennis

Want to make sure you’re getting the maximum power and control out of your shot? Christopher explains the strike zones of tennis and how to find your ideal zone.

Tennis Kinetic Chain

What sets great tennis strokes apart from mediocre tennis strokes? The power put behind the shots! Christopher goes in depth on the Tennis Kinetic Chain and why it’s so important to your game.

The Tweener

Talk about an entertaining shot! As the name suggests, the tweener is a shot played between the legs. So how difficult is it to pull off? Travis demonstrates.

Forehand Stances

Good footwork and having a good stance is one of the key elements to a successful forehand. Christopher goes over some of the stances and footwork drills you can do around the house.

One-handed Backhand

Travis goes over some of the advantages and disadvantages of the one-handed backhand as well as some backhand drills you can do at home.

Backhand Stances

Did you know there are four stances of the backhand? Christopher explains what they are and what they’re used for.


Get into the swing of things! Travis goes over the basics of groundstrokes and some drills to improve your shots.


Improve your first shot in every point by working on these serving tips to help you play each point on your terms!  

Slice Serve

It’s one of the biggest weapons you can have with your service game – the slice serve! John explains the techniques you can use to control the spin and keep your opponents off balance.

The Toss

The toss is easily the most underrated motion of the tennis serve that can either be an asset or wreak havoc on your game. Frank tackles some technique to help you develop and improve your toss.

Kick Serve

The kick serve is considered the ultimate second serve. Travis breaks down the grip, toss, and swingpath to kick your kick serve up a notch.

Return of Serve

Bring it on! John goes over strategy and drills to be ready to return whatever comes your way.


Travis serves up some great guidance and drills to get your serve on target.


Whether you’re looking to finish the points quickly by approaching the net or helping your partner out at the net in doubles, these tips will help you feel more confident in your volleys!

Forward Movement

Going through the motions… the forward motions! Lori shares some drills to help your forward movement, a critical aspect of the game!

Backhand Volley

Improve your backhand volley and take your game to the next level. John goes over the basics of the backhand volley and drill you can do around the house.

Forehand Approach Shot

The forehand approach shot is often underappreciated and underutilized… we hope that changes after these tips! Travis walks you through the basics when it comes to acing this shot.

Split Step & Ready Position

The split step and getting in a ready position are key to every player’s game. John demonstrates proper technique and some drills you can do around your house to keep you at the top of your game.

Forehand Volley

Take your forehand volley to the next level with these tips and drills you can do around the house!

Dropshots, Lobs, and Overheads

Use these tips to add variety to your baseline and net game for attacking and defensive situations!

Forehand/Backhand Slice

When do you use a forehand or backhand slice? What’s the proper technique? John goes in-depth to help you spice up your slice.


A powerful shot that deserves some attention! Travis explains how to master your grip and swing to strengthen your overhead shot.


John goes over the basics of the dropshot and how you can practice, and perfect, your dropshot at home.