Junior Raquets & Balls

Playing with the appropriate racquet and ball type allows players to achieve greater physical activity and feel successful at tennis right from the start. 

Junior Racquets

Tennis racquets come in all sizes ranging from 19″ to 26″ for players as young as toddlers on up.  Below are some recommended sizes for various ages:

  • Ages 3 – 5:  19 – 20″
  • Ages 6 – 8:  21 – 23″
  • Ages 9 – 10: 24 – 25″
  • Ages 11+: 26+”

Tennis Balls

Varied compression tennis balls for various level of bounce and are great for players to start and develop over time.  The types of balls are:

  • Red Foam – These are larger and great for ages 3-5
  • Red – These are felt balls with low compression and are perfect for use on 36′ foot courts 
  • Orange – These have slightly more compression than red balls and are great for use on 60′ courts
  • Green Dot – These have more compression than orange balls and can be used on full-sized 78′ courts

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Giving Kids The Skills To Be Great On And Off The Court

Court Sizes For Juniors

With smaller courts, shorter racquets, and lower bouncing balls, youth players will achieve greater physical activity and feel successful at tennis right from the start.  Typical court sizes are:

  • 36′ X 18′ – Great for play with a Red Ball
  • 60′ X 21′ OR 60′ X 27′ (Doubles) – Great for play with an Orange Ball
  • 78′ X 27′ OR 78′ X 36′ (Doubles) – A traditional sized court and great for play with a Green or Yellow Ball

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Tennis Scoring

Tennis matches are organized into games and sets to win the match.  Below we provide you with the scoring basics and terminology.

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Basic Tennis Scoring

Depending upon skill level and program, tennis matches are scored using traditional (Love, 15, 30, 40, Game) and simplified scoring
(1, 2, 3, 4, Game).

  • GAME – Consists of 4 points. The player typically must win by
    2 points
  • SET – Consists of a certain number of GAMES won
  • MATCH – Consists of a certain number of SETS won


  • LOVE – A score of 0 (zero) in traditional tennis scoring
  • ACE – A serve that lands in the service box and is untouched by the opponent
  • DEUCE – A game that is tied at 40 – 40 or 4 – 4
  • ADVANTAGE – Player who wins the next point after DEUCE is said to have the ADVANTAGE
  • NO-AD – Player doesn’t have to lead by 2 points to win a game