For players with limited or no prior organized team tennis or tournament experience. Players should be able to serve, rally and score independently and have been introduced to match play. It is recommended to use a red, orange or green-dot ball.


For players with prior match play, team tennis and/or tournament experience. Players in this division may have accumulated USTA Florida ranking points as a result of USTA Florida sanctioned tournament play. 


For players with considerable team tennis and/or tournament experience. Players who have accumulated 200 or more points competing in USTA Florida sanctioned tournaments must play in the advanced division. All advanced divisions will play with the yellow ball.

USTA Junior Player Promise

I recognize that tennis is a sport that places the responsibility for fair play on me.

I promise to abide by the rules of the game, which require me to give the benefit of the doubt to my opponent.

At all times I shall strive to compete with the true spirit of sportsmanship, recognizing that my behavior on the court is a direct reflection of my character.

Whether this match ends with my victory or defeat, I promise to conduct myself in a way that honors my opponents, my team, those who support me, and the game of tennis.

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