Want to play more tennis, watch more tennis, and get exclusive access to member savings? Joining USTA can give you all that and more. And, the best part is that more than 90 percent of your dues dollars go to support tennis programs in YOUR community in Florida. Check out what you get and make the choice to GIVE today!

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USTA and USTA Florida offer a wide range of tennis play opportunities for youth and adults.  From structure leagues and tournaments to social and fun play events, we have something for everyone in every area of the state.  We also partner with facilities to offer discounts on court fees and other benefits when USTA members play.


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Watch Tennis

Like to watch the pros in action?  We’ve got just the tickets!  From Delray to Miami to Tallahassee to venues all over the country, USTA Members get discounts on tickets to the best professional tennis events.

USTA Members also stay up to date with the latest tennis news with complimentary subscriptions to top tennis print and digital publications such as Tennis Magazine, Bounce Magazine for our Junior Members, and the Tennis Tuesday digital magazine delivered right to your inbox.

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Organization Members

When you thrive, we thrive. USTA Florida offers tennis organizations access to resources that can help you grow tennis and your business. Our workshops, training, grants and support materials can give you a competitive edge.

Delegates from your member organization are also entitled to vote on issues concerning the general membership.  The current bylaws of USTA Florida provides one vote (one delegate) for each member organization with the following exceptions: Clubs with 6 or more courts are entitled to two votes (two delegates).

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