May 16th, 2016

USTA Florida Regional Team Tennis Challenge in Sunrise Crowns Champions at 1st 2016 Event

Team Tennis Challenges

SUNRISE, Fla. – USTA Florida Team Tennis Challenges for youth players and a re-launched USTA Junior Team Tennis program across Florida will be getting an estimated 2,500 kids on the court in 2016.

In late April the Team Tennis Challenge series of events kicked off with the in Regional Junior Team Tennis Challenge in Sunrise, Fla.

The event, hosted by the Sunrise Tennis Club, featured approximately 100 players on co-ed teams from Martin, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade and Broward counties in age divisions of 10U Intermediate, 10/12U Green Ball, 14U Intermediate, and 18U Intermediate.

Players spent time with their friends on the tennis courts and off the courts supporting their teammates.

Here are the results:

10U Intermediate Division

Winner Team: Coral Reef Road Runners, Coral Reef (Miami-Dade)

Roster: Kara Borromeo (Captain) Ysabelle Bagayas, Kaitlyn Beaton, Kayla Carey, Katrina Hoechner

Finalist Team: Coral Reef Coyotes, Coral Reef (Miami-Dade)

Roster: Lee Pettis (Captain), Sindane Habib-Mitchell, Ammar Obeidou, Zane Obeidou, Carlos Pereda

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10/12 Green Ball Division

Winner Team: Sunrise Ultra Grinders, Sunrise Tennis Club (Broward)

Roster: Justin DiMaio (Captain), Rolando Torrellas, Nicolas Evangelista, Ashton Streda, Aiden Guiles Mateo Quiroz

Finalist Team: East Coast Aces, (Palm Beach/Martin)

Roster: Janet Sprague (Captain), Tai Altine, Saya, Marshall, Jay Nemec, Kamila Nia

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14U Intermediate Division

Winner Team: Ocean Club 12-14 Int., Ocean Club (Miami-Dade)

Roster: Lucas (Captain), Eric Brook, Diego Cedeno, Mariana Naranio, Victoria Trap

Finalist Team: East Coast Strikers, (Palm Beach/Martin)

Roster: Joy Crenshaw (Captain), Kallyhan Kadzinski, Andrew Reznik, Brandon Reznik, Rachel Swan, Abigail Radel

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18U Intermediate Division

Winner Team: Coral Reef Crushers, Coral Reef (Miami-Dade)

Roster: Kara Borromeo (Captain), Aleksa Andrejevic, Greggory Chase, Isidora Puelle, Natalie Rubio

Finalist Team: Coral Reef Attitudes, Coral Reef (Miami-Dade)

Roster: Lee Pettis (Captain), Julian Lara, Alyson Palma, Efren Rojas, Jalen Reid

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