September 11th, 2015

Tennis Briefs(3): Upcoming Workshops; Jax Charity Tourney; President’s Message


Jacksonville Charity Tennis Tournament to Benefit Salvation Army

love loveThe Salvation Army of Northeast Florida will host the inaugural LOVE LOVE tennis tournament to raise funds for its Child Development Center on Sept. 18, 2015 at San Jose Country Club in Jacksonville, Fla.

The round-robin tournament is women-only and all tennis playing abilities are welcomed. The event includes lunch and a goodie bag. Registration is $65 per person.

The Salvation Army’s Child Development Center Downtown has been given the five-star rating from the Early Learning Coalition of Duval since its inception. The center provides care for children six weeks though the voluntary pre-kindergarten program, and serves families from all socio-economic backgrounds, including children of families living at The Salvation Army’s Red Shield Lodge shelter.

To register go to or for more info contact Kelly Belich at (904) 301-4845 or

Upcoming Florida 10 and Under Tennis Workshops

10-and-under-tennisUSTA Florida is offering two 10 and Under Tennis Workshops in October 2015.

The on-court 10 and Under Tennis Workshop is part of the Coach Youth Tennis program, which also consists of six on-line courses. This program is an essential tool for tennis professionals and volunteers who coach youth tennis and a requirement to become certified by PTR (Professional Tennis Registry) and the USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association).

It also provides great ideas and activities for camp staff and volunteers to engage children and while they are learning the basics of tennis. Attendees to these workshops receive credit for continuing education.

Upcoming 10 and Under Tennis Workshops (On-court):

Oct 3 — City Park, Palm Beach Gardens, Workshop #2107
Oct 23 — IMG Academy, Bradenton, Workshop #2188

The workshop fee is $15 and participants are encouraged to take online courses 1-4 prior to attending the workshop. Please note that all workshops are non-refundable and non-transferrable once you are registered. Attendees must come dressed appropriately to participate in on-court workshops and bring a racquet.

To register, create a profile and sign-in at then click on the “workshops” tab and filter by state to select your workshop and secure your spot. For more information about upcoming workshops and a complete list of events visit:

USTA Florida President’s Message: To Promote and Develop Tennis for All

Featured_NancyBy Nancy Horowitz, USTA Florida Volunteer President

Hope you all enjoyed summer with friends and family. When I think of summer I think of all the children being exposed to so many new things in camp or whatever they may experience during this time.

Growing tennis is near and dear to me. When I was a child I was the tiniest, smallest one in my group, and I learned tennis hitting against the wall at my elementary school with my big racquet as part of the parks and recreation program. I know it took a while to develop tennis catered to small children, but oh what wonderful things for kids today.

The 10 and Under Tennis format uses smaller, lighter racquets, balls that are perfect for the ages and ability, and most of all, court size reduction. What a fabulous improvement to be able to learn at an early age, step by step, with all the correct pieces to the tennis puzzle. Children all grow at different rates and never should be compared. The 10 year old who is big for their age now can later be one of the average-size kids.

We also now have a complete explanation of the youth pathway made simple for those who are not familiar with tennis. All of the levels that help children and parents are explained, with a simple road map on how to move from beginner to advanced. Please remember this should all be introduced in a fun, enjoyable manner, so children want to keep participating and stay in the sport for a lifetime.

The idea of new half-day to one-day events is wonderful for the children and parents, since time is so valuable. They have the opportunity to meet new friends, socialize, gain experience, have fun and learn something new. We all need to be supportive of this experience for these children.

Since tennis is a sport for life, I have found that Masters Tennis on 60-foot courts is really perfect for returning players that may be less mobile, new players to the sport, people not wanting to play full court, or social mixers. On several courts around the state the blended lines have been added so all levels can be accommodated. Lighter racquets and slower-bouncing tennis balls may be utilized. The game is almost the same, and play is full of movement and energy.

I have found these short-court formats to be lots of fun and generational for parents, grandparents and children to participate together — a wonderful activity that promotes fitness, family, fun, and friends for all. The development of skills and awareness are so much quicker when the proper equipment is utilized. I am hoping that our tennis professionals realize the great potential out there to grow tennis as well as their business. Think out of your comfort zone and try something that will be fun and rewarding on many levels.

“In order to succeed you must know what you are doing, like what you are doing, and believe in what you are doing.” The above-mentioned forms of play will make a huge difference and create the best positive experience for all generations. So go for it.