Masters Tennis

Master Tennis is easy to learn, fun to play, social, and keeps you active


Masters Tennis is tennis played on a smaller 60-foot court, with a slower ball, and a lighter (or your regular) racquet.  It is the perfect format for beginners learning to play and players with mobility challenges.

Start Playing

Anyone can play Masters Tennis, you just need to find your nearest court with 60’ lines.  You can also create your own with chalk on a hard court, or a line roller to mark lines on a clay court.  We also recommend asking your local club or parks system to add 60’ blended lines to the court so you can enjoy short-court play.  These lines can be temporary or permanent.

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Court & Equipment

Masters tennis uses a lower compression orange ball and a shorter court size making it the perfect format for newer players and those wanting to learn the game.

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Start A Program

Bringing Masters Tennis to your facility is a great opportunity to expand your offerings, attract new players, and welcome former players back to the game.  We’re here to help get you you started.

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Become An Ambassador

USTA Florida is looking for people to help grow Masters Tennis at a grassroots level, right in their own backyard. The ideal Masters Tennis Ambassador has a love of tennis, enjoys meeting new people, and is a natural leader. The Masters Tennis Ambassador will spend time each month meeting with facilities to talk about starting a Masters Tennis program and hosting fun events to introduce the short-court format to new and returning players.

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