September 1st, 2015

Tampa Blog: Smith’s Vineyards Tennis, Uganda Travels, More


Free Kids Training at Martha’s Vineyards

Scott SmithScott Smith, former tennis director at Treasure Island Tennis and Yacht Club in Pinellas County, has been with Vineyard Youth Tennis in Cape Cod, Mass., since 2005.

Nearly 300 kids participate in weekly free tennis training and receive free racquets, all-white clothing and court time.

“Ours is one of the most unique programs in the country and is funded by one gentleman,” said Smith. “Our goal is to get a racquet in the hands of every kid 4-18 years old and expose them all to tennis. We emphasize tennis traditions – one of the reasons for all-white attire that we provide – and history of the game.

“There’s a misconception that everyone here at Martha’s Vineyards is rich. That’s not the case – the wealthy are here July to August and the rest of us are here year-round and are basically middle class.”

Smith reaches out to his colleagues and friends, such as Nick Bollettieri, Jimmy Arias and Roscoe Tanner, to visit the program to further enhance the excitement about tennis, and in Smith’s words “to keep things hopping.”

Smith is proud of the fact that boys that began at Vineyard Youth Tennis have continued to play and recently collected two high school state championships. The girls have one, with more to come!

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Advantage Yours Tennis in Uganda


Tennis knows no bounds, as shown in this picture of Barbara Burroughs of Dunedin sitting with colleague and tennis enthusiast Topher in South Western Uganda, proudly sporting Advantage Yours Tennis t-shirts, recognizing the specialty shop’s 30th anniversary.

They are overlooking Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda.

Burroughs and Topher work with Save the Children, a 501©3 organization established in the 1930s that works to fight hunger, prevent malnutrition and improve the lives of boys and girls around the world.

Belleair’s Rowsey Debuts an ACE for Tennis

Jim Rowsey
Jim Rowsey of Belleair, a prominent ophthalmologist with over 40 years experience in the field, has invented a voice-activated scoreboard, ACE (Assistant Coach Expert), to assist in teaching/coaching youths and adults, as well as a means to remember the score.

Rowsey is excited about the ACE and its potential in grassroots youth tennis programs and Masters Tennis.

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