September 10th, 2019

Four Collegiate Tennis Teams to Take on TOPS’L Battle at the Beach

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The TOPS’L Beach & Racquet Resort will host the Battle at the Beach Collegiate Team Tennis Invitational September 20-22, 2019, at the resort in Miramar Beach, Fla.

The invitational will showcase the Florida State University Seminoles (FSU), the Louisiana State University Tigers (LSU), the Oklahoma Sooners, and the Tulane Green Wave.

Each team will have 4 singles and doubles lines for each match with regular college match scoring. The format will be a round-robin hidden dual so each team has the opportunity to play each other. 

Invitational Schedule:

Friday, Sept. 20
9:00 AM
Doubles – LSU vs. FSU, Tulane vs. Oklahoma
Singles – FSU vs. Tulane, LSU vs. Oklahoma

Saturday, Sept. 21
9:00 AM
Doubles – FSU vs. Oklahoma, LSU vs. Tulane
Singles – Tulane vs. Oklahoma, LSU vs. FSU

Sunday, Sept. 22
9:00 AM
Doubles – LSU vs. Oklahoma, FSU vs. Tulane
Singles – LSU vs. Tulane, FSU vs. Oklahoma

For more information on the event, click here.