Junior Team Tennis

About Junior Team Tennis

USTA Junior Team Tennis is a program for boys & girls ages 6-18 that allows kids to play on compatible teams of similar age and skill levels.  Click the buttons below for information about leagues in the area and to register!

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Junior Team Tennis Leagues & Registration

Need help or interested in starting a League?

Contact your local Junior Team Tennis Coordinator below for assistance.

USTA Adult Leagues

About USTA Florida Leagues For Adults

USTA Leagues are the country’s largest recreational tennis league. There are leagues available for all ages and skill. We are here to help you get started and find a team today!

Check out the schedules below for the Leagues offered each season.  The Captain in your area for  your team will have the team number and can assist you with signing up.  If you have further questions or need assistance finding a team, contact your Local League Coordinator below.

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USTA League Schedule

Winter Schedule

Adult Leagues are for men and women 18 years of age or older.


LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
3.5 Men12/30/2020MonEveJan - Apr
4.0 Men12/30/2020MonEveJan - Apr
4.0 Women12/30/2020ThuEveJan - Apr
4.0 Women12/30/2020FriDayJan - Apr
4.5 Men12/30/2020SatDayJan - Apr
4.5 Women12/30/2020ThuEveJan - Apr
4.5 Women12/30/2020SatDayJan - Apr

Adult Leagues are for men and women 18 years of age or older.


LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
2.5 Women12/30/2020WedEveJan -Apr
3.0 Men12/30/2020MonEveJan -Apr
3.0 Women12/30/2020MonEveJan -Apr
3.5 Men12/30/2020WedEveJan -Apr
3.5 Women12/30/2020WedEveJan -Apr
4.0 Men12/30/2020TueEveJan -Apr
4.0 Women12/30/2020TuesEveJan -Apr
4.5 Men12/30/2020ThurEveJan- Apr
4.5 Women12/30/2020SatDay/EveJan - Apr
LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
7.0 Men12/30/2021TueDayFeb - Mar
8.0 Men12/30/2021WedDayFeb - Mar

Mixed Doubles Leagues are for men and women 18 years of age or older.


LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
7.01/7/2021FriEveFeb - Mar
8.01/7/2021MonEveFeb - Mar
9.01/7/2021SunDayFeb - Mar

Spring Schedule

Adult Leagues are for men and women 18 years of age or older, with Sectional Championship layers culminating in a chance to compete for a National Championship for most age brackets.


LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
2.5 Men3/15/2021WedEveApr - Jun
2.5 Women3/15/2021WedEveApr - Jun
3.0 Men3/15/2021MonEveApr - Jun
3.0 Women3/15/2021WedEveApr - Jun
3.5 Men3/15/2021WedEveApr - Jun
3.5 Women3/15/2021TueEveApr - Jun
4.0 Men3/15/2021ThuEveApr - Jun
4.0 Women3/15/2021ThuEveApr - Jun
4.5 Men3/15/2021ThuEveApr - Jun
4.5 Women3/15/2021Thu/SatDay/EveApr - Jun
5.0 Men3/15/2021SatDayApr - Jun
5.0 Women3/15/2021SatDayApr - Jun
LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
6.04/15/2021FriEveApr - Jun
7.04/15/2021FriEveApr - Jun
8.04/15/2021MonEveApr - Jun
9.04/15/2021SunDayApr- Jun

Summer Schedule

LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
6.5M6/1/2021TueEveJuly- Sep
6.5W6/1/2021TueEveJuly- Sep
7.5M6/1/2021WedEveJuly- Sep
7.5W6/1/2021WedEveJuly- Sep
8.5M6/1/2021MonEveJuly- Sep
8.5W6/1/2021ThuEveJuly- Sep
9.5M6/1/2021FriDayJuly- Sep
9.5W6/1/2021SatDayJuly- Sep

Combo men and women doubles teams use the combined NTRP rating of each partner. Teams compete locally with the top teams advancing to the Sectional Championship.


LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
6.5 Men7/13/2021OpenOpenAug - Oct
6.5 Women7/13/2021SatDayAug - Oct
7.5 Men7/13/2021OpenOpenAug - Oct
7.5 Women7/13/2021ThuDayAug - Oct
7.5 Women7/13/2021TueEveAug - Oct
8.5 Men7/13/2021OpenOpenAug - Oct
8.5 Women7/13/2021MonEveAug - Oct
9.5 Men7/13/2021OpenOpenAug - Oct
9.5 Women7/13/2021OpenOpenAug - Oct

Fall Schedule

If you want to play with friends but are all at different NTRP levels or if you are having a hard time getting enough people together to form a team, Tri-Level is for you. Play doubles with your friends, while on a team consisting of 3 or more NTRP levels.

LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
3.0/3.5/4.0M8/30/2021ThuEveSep - Dec
3.5/4.0/4.5M8/30/2021SatDaySep - Dec
3.5/4.0/4.5W8/30/2021ThuEveSep - Dec
4.0/4.5/5.0W8/30/2021SatDaySep - Dec
4.0/4.5/5.0W8/30/2021SatDaySep - Dec
LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
2.5 Women8/30/2021MonEveSep - Dec
3.0 Men8/30/2021MonEveSep - Dec
3.0 Women8/30/2021MonEveSep - Dec
3.5 Men8/30/2021WedEveSep - Dec
3.5 Women8/30/2021WedEveSep - Dec
4.0 Men8/30/2021TueEveSep - Dec
4.0 Women8/30/2021TueEveSep - Dec
4.5 Men8/30/2021ThuDaySep - Dec
4.5 Women8/30/2021FriDaySep - Dec
4.5 Women8/30/2021SatDaySep - Dec
5.0 Men8/30/2021SatDaySep - Dec
5.0 Women8/30/2021SunDaySep - Dec

Need Help?

Contact your local Local League Coordinator below for assistance.

Maria Miro

Maria Miro

Local Adult Play Coordinator

(407) 269-5328

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NJTL Chapter

About National Junior Tennis & Learning Chapters

National Junior Tennis & Learning Chapters provide free or low-cost tennis and education programming to thousands of under-resourced youth throughout Florida. Click the links below for more information for chapter(s) in your area.

Mardy Fish Children’s Foundation

Community Tennis Associations

About Community Tennis Associations

USTA Community Tennis Associations partner with their communities to help grow tennis at the local level.  These are not-for-profit, volunteer-based organizations supporting programs that grow the game of tennis. They are located in towns across the country and are great entry points if you’re looking to get started in the game, to play more often or to give back to our lifetime sport.

Click the links below for more information about the Community Tennis Associations in your area.

Mardy Fish Children’s Foundation

Other Play Opportunities

Looking for other ways to play? Want to start a program?

Contact our Tennis Service Representative below.

Dustin Forman

Tennis Service Representative

(407) 801-6111

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