December 21st, 2017

Calling All Tennis Providers: Let’s Get Social!

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During the last few years, USTA Florida has been looking at ways we can make tennis more fun and social, in hopes of attracting a younger demographic. Like many in our industry, we noticed that more informal play seems to be what younger people are looking for.

We’ve tested regular round-robin play, social events, and various other formats. We’ve created social leagues. We’ve partnered with restaurants (yes, bars) to encourage socialization after tennis. Each opportunity has brought new people in, but none has been “the answer.”

So, we decided to ask two Millennial newbies on our marketing team (one a recent college grad; and the other a young tennis provider) for some unfiltered thoughts. Here’s what they told us:

1. We don’t want to commit to regular play;
2. We want to have fun, but also want to play with people at our level (whatever that may be);
3. You don’t need a new (or set) format; use games and other formats that currently exist to make it interesting. Don’t be afraid to change it up.

If we take this feedback to heart, there is not one “adult social format” that will magically unlock the Millennial Market. There are a lot of approaches that can work, based on the general wants of this demographic. And there are providers out there who are already doing great things. We need to assemble and do more TOGETHER!

What USTA Florida Marketing can offer is the ability to expand and grow those opportunities, using the power of digital marketing, creative events, and community outreach. Our event team is calling you to partner with us in 2018 to put on some fun, new Millennial-focused events.

Whether you have a new idea, or are just willing to work with us to bring one of our team’s ideas to life at your facility, we want to hear from you. Just email me at Together, we can #maketennisfun and grow tennis together.