Youth Progression Pathway

The Youth Progression Pathway provides a system that tracks a child on their competitive tennis journey. Participation and achievement credits are earned in order for players to move to the next level.

What Is The Pathway?

USTA has designed a best-in-class system to track the progress of junior players, ages 10 and Under from Orange Ball to Green Ball and Green Ball to Yellow Ball. The system will track a player’s progress through participation in tournaments and Junior Team Tennis. Players earn participation credits for completing in Tournaments and Junior Team Tennis.  Players earn achievement credits for match wins. “Bonus points” are awarded for select tournaments. The mission is to clear each level by collecting a combination of 20 virtual participation stars and/or trophies. Players can track their progress on their Player Profile Page. The more they play, and the more they improve their skills and clear each level, the more stars and trophies they accumulate.

Every child develops at their own rate, therefore there is no specific timeline for moving along the pathway.


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Does This Apply To Me?

Players must be a minimum age of 7 years old to register for tournaments.

On the first day of their 11th birthday month they will automatically progress out of the system.

Before the age of 7, players can play in unlimited practice matches, Play Days, and Junior Team Tennis.

Where Am I On The Pathway?

How Progress Is Tracked

USTA Florida tracks both participation (stars) and achievement (trophies) for players who have a USTA membership.

Players and parents can easily track progress through the pathway by logging on to the Player Profile Page. To access the Player Profile Page please click the button below and then on the “My Tennis” tab. Enter the players USTA number and password to be directed to the players welcome screen. This screen will allow the player to access various items including his or her “Youth Progression Progress Report”.

Progress is displayed as “trophies” for achievement and “stars” for participation. This helps players, parents and coaches track progress and find upcoming play opportunities that fit a players age and skill level.

If desired, the player can upload a photo to his/her player profile page by clicking “Manage Account” directly under the players USTA Account number in the top right corner of the welcome screen. 


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Sportsmanship is defined as “fair play, respect for opponents, and gracious behavior in winning or losing”, and it is those qualities we look to promote and instill in players of all ages.   We are dedicated to not only promoting a solid competitive atmosphere, but also committed to developing players into respectful and fair adults by continually raising awareness and promoting positive sportsmanship behaviors.  

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Click the questions below to reveal the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the USTA Florida 10 and Under Youth Tennis Tournament Pathway

Youth Progression Pathway

Why is there a Youth Progression Pathway?

The short answer is so we keep the well-being of the child in mind first and to allow children to have a positive and fun experience in our competitive tournament structure and to retain them as junior tennis players.

The longer answer is…There are two parts to this question. First the need to legislate where children participate in tournaments and the need to change our entry level tournament formats both for the same goal to retain more players in the game of tennis.

For many decades, USTA Florida has not completely governed or restricted where children could play in a USTA sanctioned tournament, particularly at the entry level. We now have research that shows how many children enter a sanctioned tournament for the first time and never play a 2nd tournament again. These numbers were eye opening enough to push USTA Florida into making a drastic change by creating a youth tennis pathway that allows children to enter at the appropriate age and level tournament and have a positive, fun experience so they stay in the game. This puts the well-being of the child first and doesn’t place immediate importance on results or ranking.

The main reason thousands of children were not participating in a 2nd or 3rd sanctioned tournament as a new tournament player was partly because of the tournament format. USTA Florida has not done a quality job of changing its entry level tournament product with the times. We felt the need to offer more consumer and player friendly events that showed value to the parent while allowing the child to have success and fun in a tournament atmosphere with children of comparable ages and skill levels similar to other youth sports.

This is why we are in the midst of a paradigm shift with changing our entry level tournaments into non-elimination, modified scoring and half-day to one-day events for our new tournament players at the entry level. One result we are looking for is retention of new players into our tournament system for years to come.

What are the age requirements for the Youth Progression Pathway?

Players can begin the pathway on the first day of the month of their 7th birthday. They will age out the first day of the month of their 11th birthday.

Before the age of 7, players can play in unlimited practice matches, play days and Junior Team Tennis.

What if I move here from another USTA Section?

Players moving here from another USTA Section simply need to complete the steps below.  Once completed we will “grandfather” the player into our system based on their player record if they have one.

  1. Update the address on the player’s USTA Membership.
  2. Contact Jen Wysocki at with the player’s USTA #

What if I want to play in a tournament outside of the Florida Section?

Players can play out of section in their correct ball level but will only receive participation credit for these tournaments.

What do I need to do to advance from Orange Level 2 to Orange Level 1?

A player needs to play in one of the following:

  • 2 Level 8 or Level 9 tournaments
  • 1 Level 8 or Level 9 tournament and 1 JTT season
  • 2 JTT seasons

If I’m a Green Level 1 player can I register for an Orange Level 2 tournament?

A Green player would only be able to play in an Orange level 1 tournament. Players are allowed to play only 1 level below their current level.

Can I get notified by email when my child’s profile is updated?

Yes.  In order to receive status updates and ageing up notification emails, the contact information on file with USTA Member Services must be accurate and current. To update the email address, login to Tennis Link and click “Manage Account” directly under the players USTA account number in the top right corner of the welcome screen. The information can also be updated by contacting USTA Member Services at 1-800- 990- 8782 (USTA).

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What is a player profile page?

Each players page will track his/ her progress and accumulation of stars and trophies. When a player logs into his/ her tennis link account, he/ she will see a colorful, easy to follow, player page with current eligibility level.

  • “My Awards” showing stars and trophies earned.
  • “My Mission” showing what needs to be completed to progress to the next level.
  • “My Activity” showing my player record.

Players must earn a combination of 20 stars and trophies in order to progress to the next level.

If you do not already have an account, please follow the steps to create one. This screen will allow the players to access various items including his/ her Youth Progression Player Progress Report.

If desired, the player can upload a photo to his or her player profile page my clicking “Manage Account” directly under the players USTA account number in the top right corner of the welcome screen.


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What size racquet does my child need?

There are no mandated racquets, but the recommended sizes are:

  • Orange Ball – Up to 25 inches
  • Green Ball – Up to 29 inches
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What is a bonus point tournament?

Players can collect bonus trophies in tournaments with 4 or more players in their division. The winner receives 5 trophies and the finalist would receive 4 trophies.