The USTA national body has expanded its facility funding for 2019, increasing funding levels up to $100,000, and segmenting financial assistance based on the number of courts that a facility is renovating or building.

Tennis providers and developers will have more opportunities to construct, expand and renovate tennis courts in their communities in 2019. The USTA Facility Assistance program caters to a range of providers and community tennis organizations, from those looking to repair cracked courts at their local park to those dreaming of building a state-of-the-art, multi-court facility.

“It is so great to see how the facility assistance program has blossomed since its inception in 2005,” says Virgil Christian, USTA senior director of Collegiate Tennis and Facility Development. “The expansion of the program shows that we are heavily invested in creating improved courts and tennis venues around the country.”

The USTA’s facility assistance team offers its most valuable benefit to the industry with details specific to tennis development — expanding tennis court development, increasing the life cycle of existing courts, and having a significant direct effect on the growth of tennis participation throughout the country.

To be considered for project funding, communities must complete the USTA Facility Assistance Form and be actively engaged with the USTA facility assistance program by working with a USTA-appointed project consultant. In addition, communities must show their project meets specified industry standards and be able to demonstrate a financial need, while being able to meet at least 50 percent of the project cost.

To date the USTA’s facility assistance program has invested more than $12 million in communities through 7,240 projects nationwide. The program has contributed to $500 million worth of tennis infrastructure in the U.S., building or renovating 40,000 tennis courts.

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