October 16th, 2014

USA Advances to Final Rounds in 9 Cups at ITF Super Seniors


The USA Super Senior Fed Cup and Davis Cup teams advanced to the “knockout” rounds in nine of 10 Cups in Turkey yesterday.

Floridians Jane Lutz and Rose Austin again led their Doris Hart Women’s 80s team to victory behind a singles win by the ageless (86) Lutz and a doubles win by Rose Austin (with Margaret Canby, TX). They went 3/0 in round robin play and now have a rest day before playing a tough French team in the semis on Friday. The USA and Germany had a nice drink together after the match, that’s really a lot of what all of this event is about, camaraderie.

Jane coaching Margaret USA and Germany 80s after their match Wednesday

King Van Nostrand was victorious in the men’s 80s Gardnar Mulloy Cup as well, easily advancing against Japan to reach the semifinals. He played #1 singles.

Ria Graham’s Queens Cup team advanced with a hard fought 2/1 victory over France and next play on Friday. They are in a three team round robin to determine the Cup winner.

Fred Farazanegan and his Men’s 75 Bitsy Grant Cup team lost to Great Britain. Fred was up 52 in the first set but couldn’t close it out, the previous days of long matches taking a toll. Bob Quall (CA) at #2 singles “hit the wall” when up a set and 3/0 at #2 singles; he lost in four hours.

Carol Clay was again successful in doubles with Kathy Bennett (CA) as the USA women’s 65 Kitty Godfree Cup team won against Austria 3/0 to advance.

Bennett, Clay W65 Bennett, Clay W65-001 Carol Clay W65, USA-002 Clay, Carol W65

Most USA teams have the day off today, Thursday; tomorrow the knockout rounds begin in earnest. The USA will  be in different groups starting today, time permitting, I’ll delineate that information.

Von Cramm Cup (M60) (USA in Group A )
Alice Marble Cup (W60) (USA inGroup A)

Britannia Cup (Men’s 65) (USA inGroup D  )
Kitty Godfree Cup (W65) (USA in Group B)

Jack Crawford Cup (Men’s 70) (USA inGroup D  )
Althea Gibson Cup (W70) (USA inGroup A)

Bitsy Grant Cup (M75) (USA in Group C )
Queens’ Cup (W75) (USA in Group A)

Gardnar Mulloy Cup (M80) (USA inGroup A )
Doris Hart Cup (W80) (USA inGroup B)