Cardio Tennis experts will visit Florida for two training courses during the final months of 2018.

The Oaks in Boca Raton will host a Level 1 session on Oct. 27, and Midtown in Weston will host a Level 2 session on Nov. 11.

From the one-day trainings participants will take away:

THE CARDIO TENNIS BLUEPRINT — Understand the segments, the time hacks, the role of music, the language and the equipment.
BENEFITS — How Cardio Tennis can be your most profitable hour on court and create new customers.
HEART RATE TRAINING — Learn the significance of group heart rate training as a component of Cardio Tennis.

Cardio Tennis is a fun, group tennis fitness activity using fast-paced tennis games and drills for players of all ability and fitness levels, featuring music and heart rate monitors. It is a calorie burning, social, fitness activity for people of all ages.

Attendees of the Cardio Tennis training courses will gain the proper experience for running an ideal Cardio Tennis class, working with players of different ability and fitness levels, keeping injured players safe throughout the workout, and understanding what it’s like to wear a heart rate monitor.

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