Missing life on the tennis courts? We are too! However, there are plenty of ways to stay on top of your tennis game from the comfort of home.

Each Thursday USTA Florida will share some activities, drills, and games from NetGeneration.com/TennisAtHome, so you can practice your skills from anywhere – your driveway, the backyard, even the kitchen!

Check out some of the activities below to get inspired:

Body Volley

Can you master the body volley? Grab a ball, bounce it off your racquet and then off a body part to work on hand-eye coordination and your creativity. Challenge yourself and see how many you can do!


Garage Rolling Rally

Grab a family member and take turns stopping and tapping the ball with the racquet to work on control. Need help? Use your hands to roll the ball to improve coordination.



Improve your consistency and racquet control on your own or with your family! Work to bounce the ball up on your racquet, or even do a trip to see if you can achieve 10 in a row. To work on forehands, hold the racquet palm up. To work on backhands, hold the racquet palm down. 


Net Generation aims to inspire the next generation of tennis players by embracing all aspects of youth play for kids ages 5-18. The objective of Net Generation is to provide a child-friendly, safe connection to the sport, as well as a platform to celebrate individuality and self-expression. Net Generation makes it easier for kids and their parents to learn about tennis and get into the game in schools, parks and tennis clubs across the country. 

Need more ideas to play at home? Click the button below for a full list of fun activities and drills.

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