January 6th, 2015

For Tennis Providers: Developing Players Ages 4-11

Youth Tennis News

9214_playerdevelopment_10u_posterOften referred to as the introduction and foundation phase, tennis for ages 4-11 should focus on fun and fundamentals — an experience that will make a child want to return to the sport while seeing progress.

Two key issues in this stage are growth and development. Kids age 4-11 have specific physical, mental and emotional needs that are changing, while it is also a great window of opportunity for technical and tactical development.

The children in this range are generally small/short in stature with limited sports experience and varying coordination. If the equipment and court sizes don’t fit the child, frustration or even injuries can arise from racquets that are too big or heavy, covering a “huge” (to them) court, and regular “adult” balls that can easily bounce over a child’s head rather than consistently in their hitting zones.

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