September 6th, 2016

Tennis Digital Marketing: Video is King

General News

video is king graphic -- tennis marketingWhen it comes to digital marketing, the promotional opportunities seem to be endless.

Picking the right content AND the right channel is somewhat like solving an algebra equation (X=Audience/Desired Reach; Y=Channel Restrictions/Preferences; Solve for content).

Oh, and just when think you have that equation figured out, a new trend or channel comes along (Snapchat, anyone??) that puts you right back at square one.

One type of content can give you a big win across all channels: video.

Here’s why video trumps other content:

* It captures moments and experiences better than any other media.
* It’s memorable: People remember/process images much better than words.
* It’s timely: You don’t need a lot of time to package it before posting.

Video works well on a web site and on virtually all social channels. To give you an idea of how much more you get out of video, the average reach for videos on our social channels is generally twice the reach/engagement of photos, and they completely blow simple text posts out of the water in just about every case.

With the advent of live broadcasting through Facebook and Periscope, you can expand reach even more by simply giving people a live look into your program or event. Thanks to technology, producing video content has become both affordable and easy to do.

Here are some quick tips on how you can make video a strong part of your digital engagement plan:

* Record short, fun action clips at tennis events and post on all social channels. Provide a small token for those willing to participate.
* Shoot some basic tennis tips and post them to your channels. Keep them short and easy to understand, with demonstrations of good form and common errors.
* Do a quick Q&A with players (youth and adult) at your events. Ask them some fun things.

In marketing, there is rarely an easy win in anything. For now, at least, video is king. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to rule your market.