April 30th, 2015

Team Tennis Challenge Champs Crowned At Key Biscayne

Youth Tennis News Team Tennis Challenges

Champions were crowned in age divisions 10-18 when the Crandon Park Tennis Facility on Key Biscayne hosted a USTA Florida Team Tennis Challenge on April 25-26, 2015.

The event was “BYOT” (bring your own team), and teams did not need to have prior participation in a local league to participate. All players will receive a complimentary lunch on Saturday during the event.

Youth Tennis Foundation scholarship recipients were Jose Pereira and Sara Posada.

Winning and finalist teams:

10U Division Flight I

Doral Park Pro Team d. Coral Reef Advanced
Doral Park Roster: Elias Ray (captain), Mia Slama, Nika Milman, Valeria Ray, Simon Delgadillo
Coral Reef Roster: Kara Borromeo (captain), Julia Lares, Yubel Ubri, Alejandro Maya, Sofia Maya

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10U Flight Division II

Terminators d. Doral Park Girls
Terminators Roster: Mark Fleisher (captain), Michaela Landry, Max Fleisher, Lorena Luque, Cristina Valladares, Aldiyar Abzhan, Quentin Gabler
Doral Park Girls Roster: Massiel Montbrun (captain), Gloren Montbrun, Priscilla Puentes, Brenda Yoris, Kristina Puentes

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14-18 Novice Division

Matchpoint Hawks d. Coral Reef #1
MatchPoint Hawks Roster: Manny Fabian (captain), Monica Chavez, Katie Rodriguez, Brenda Adrian, Noella Parodi
Coral Reef #1 Roster: Lee Petitis (captain), Pierre Couto, Jason Lu, Anisa Singh, Nicole Fang, Meghana Varanasi, Nico Hidalgo

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11-14U Novice Division

East Coast Smashers d. TownGate Tennis
East Coach Smashers Roster: Emily Phillips (captain), Allison Turner, Andrea Turner, Charlie Phillips, Amani Ally
TownGate Tennis Roster: Juan Coutino (captain), Nicole Lastra, Rebecka Santos, Owen Wheleer, Jeevanesh Sathiaseeian

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11-14 Intermediate Division

Top Spinners d. Team 2 Pearl James
Top Spinners Roster: Eric Herold (captain), Cameron Herold, Alessandra Diamond, William Luque, Alexandra Von der Goltz, Carlos
Santamaria, Sergio Delgadillo
Team 2 Pearl James Roster: Pablo Lopez (captain), Rodrigo Nieto, Kayla Ventura, Julietta Menendez, Emily Chebanu, Matteo Cloetta

14-18U Intermediate Division

Spanish Power Tennis d. MatchPoint Hawks
Spanish Power Tennis Roster: Stephanie Theller (captain), Aleksa Marquez, Tina Smith, Gregorio Fernandez, Yago de la Calle, Sebastian
MatchPoint Hawks Roster: Manny Fabian (captain), Cory Harrington, Andrew Lazara, Sara Seivane, Mandisa Walle

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For more information about Team Tennis Challenges visit www.USTAFlorida.com/TeamTennisChallenges.

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