December 8th, 2014

Tallahassee Tennis Blog: Wild Thing Tourney Raise Funds for Wildlife


Forty-three players participated in the 22nd annual Wild Thing Tennis Tournament held at Forest Meadows in late November to raise funds for the Goose Creek Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc.

The Sanctuary, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1988 by a small group of grassroots environmentalist and wildlife advocates who carry out its primary mission to improve the quality of life for sick, displaced and injured native wildlife. This mission is achieved by maintaining a network of volunteers who provide care to the animals, assist in fundraising activities and administrative support, and provide educational programs to the community.

The Wild Thing Tennis Tournament is one of the Sanctuary’s biggest fundraisers each year.

According to Dennis Kelly, tournament director, more than $2,300 was raised this year through proceeds from the one-day round robin tournament as well as from the silent auction. This year’s
event sponsors included; Marge von Goeben; Tallahassee State Bank; Harry Harper Law Offices; Tina and Gail Harper; Donald Swenholt and Associates, Inc.; Glenda Conley of State Farm;
Los Robles Animal Hospital; Lews and Whitlock Architechs; and Nancy Bell.

Wild Thing 2 Wild Thing Tournament1 Wild Thing 3

The money raised for this tournament will go to provide food and medical care to the animals.

The winners (W) and runners-up (RU) of the tournament were:

Mixed: 6.0- Chansamone Bryant/ Thomas Ridley (W), Bob Sellers/Elizabeth Padgham (RU)
7.0- Jennifer and Greg Birkmeier (W), Kevin and Susan Ragsdale (RU)
8.0- Dp Choudhury/Marlee Dranzik (W), Franklin Thompson/ Amy Xia (RU)

Women’s Doubles: 5.5 – Delonna Hartley/Tanya Sigrist (W), Brenda Hubbard/Kathy Abney (RU)
6.5 – Emily James/Chansamone Bryant (W), Melissa Heaney/Cathy Schnars (RU)
8.5 – Kathy Kendall/Marlee Dranzik (W), Xiaobing Zhang/Yi Zhu (RU)

Men’s Doubles: 6.5 – Josh Harkness/Zach Lee (W), Spencer Wise/Andre Pavlov (RU)
7.5 – Karl Scheuerman/Phip Sanders (W), Greg Birkmeir/Kevin Ragsdale (RU)
8.5 – Brennan Abromowitz/Brian Wilson (W), David and Logan Reid (RU)