March 14th, 2016

Tallahassee Tennis Blog: ROGY Event, Capital City Senior Games Results

Courtside ROGY Tourn-Events

City-Sponsored ROGY Draws Children of All Ages

The Tallahassee city Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Affairs department held its first ROGY event of the year at Tom Brown on Feb. 26 which attracted 33 youth.

ROGY, named for the color of the balls used — red, orange, green, or yellow — is a fun and unique way for youth players to gain experience on a smaller court without feeling the intimidation of playing on an adult-sized court. ROGY utilizes a modified format with modified scoring, allowing more youth the opportunity to play at one time. ROGY events are held throughout the year in Tallahassee and typically feature age groups consisting of 8 and under, 10 and under, 12 and under, and 13 and up. A round robin format is used to allow the kids an opportunity to play with more of their peers.

ROGY Event 2016

The city’s ROGY Tournament Director, Lenin Mongerie, truly believes that the ROGY events are successful due to the competitive yet fun atmosphere they provide. He stated that “the real test of success is when the kids say, when is the next one coach?”

There are six more events scheduled this year, with the next one to be held on March 25. For more information regarding these events, please contact Lenin at You can also visit for the full schedule of ROGY (now called Level 9 entry-level Junior Tournaments) events in Florida.


Tennis Players Advance to State Contest from Area’s Capital City Senior Games

The City of Tallahassee Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Affairs hosted the 7th Capital City Senior Games on March 5-14 to encourage adults 50 and older to stay active and healthy by participating in any of the 13 events, including tennis.

Events were held throughout the Capital City with tennis at the Winthrop Park Tennis Center, Tom Brown Park Tennis Center, and Forestmeadows on March 11-12. All levels of play for singles, doubles, and mixed were encouraged to participate. The event attracted 31 participants.

Players were treated to a welcome reception at the Tallahassee Senior Center and were also invited to participate in the torch run and/or one-mile fun walk to kick off the competition. Tennis participants were also treated to lunch.

Tennis was a qualifying event, which means that the top five players in each category can advance to the state games that will be held on Dec. 3-11, 2016 in Clearwater.

Medal winners for the various divisions included:

Men’s 80-84: Bill Cotton/Donald Simon (Gold);
Men’s 70-74: John Larson/Jake Varn (Gold), George Allen/Gary Cox (Silver), and Cliff Thaell/John Falls (Bronze);
Men’s 65-69: Robert McCabe/Philip Ross (Gold);
Men’s 60-64: Russ Stromberg/Mike Sims (Gold);
Women’s 75-79: Michaelin Watts/Sally Williamson (Gold), Barbara Withers/Margaret Murston (Silver), and Gisela Kobetitsch/Martha Mitchell (Bronze);
Women’s 70-74: Bobbie Wainner/Melanie Darst (Gold);
Women’s 60-64: Lois Carrington/Linda Frazier (Gold), and Mollie Palmer/Brenda Hubbard (Silver);
Mixed 80-84: Mildred Dadisman/Carol Dadisman (Gold);
Mixed 75-79: Michaelin Watts/Russell Cumbia (Gold);
Mixed 70-74: Martha Mitchell/Jake Varn (Gold).