USTA Florida announced the launch of an all-new provider resource webpage in March, aimed at supplying the Florida tennis community’s vast range of providers with education, guidance and the tools they need for continued success.

The page,, serves as a hub of information for all different types of providers. All providers – school teachers, coaches, NJTLs and tennis teaching professionals – can access a wealth of information and training to help improve your game and prepare to serve your customers when tennis play resumes.

Each week, USTA Florida will break down what resources are offered for each provider category. This week we’re focusing on tournament directors.

Tournament Directors

Being a tournament director can be one of the most rewarding experiences, as the main job is to oversee the general operations of a tournament. The key to conducting successful adult and junior tournaments is having the right information and tools, which is why Tournament Directors have a specifically designated section on the provider webpage.

Junior Tournament Changes for 2021

There are exciting changes on the horizon for USTA Junior Tournaments coming in 2021. The simplified nationwide structure will create a standardized system and greater consistency for players, parents, coaches, tournament directors and officials. This section of the webpage provides resources from to help you navigate the upcoming changes.

Below is a list of some changes to expect:

  • The new structure will utilize seven levels of events, ranging from Level 7 (Intermediate) to Level 1 (National Championships) and a universal ranking system that will distribute points consistently across the country.
  • This nationwide system will provide consistent tournament levels and standardized tournament operations for all events—regardless of location—replacing a current system that is greatly dependent upon the region.
  • The new system will allow players to more easily compete across sections, as the levels will be standardized with an increased number of open events, providing even more playing opportunities for junior players.
  • There will also be a series of non-ranking events, which will focus on age-appropriate competition, development, and fun.
Sanction Information

This section of the webpage is where you’ll be able to find all information related to sanctioning. As of right now, the sanctioning period will be Aug. 15, 2020 through Nov. 1, 2020. More information will be released when it is available.


Need the USTA Florida Regulations for Adult or Junior tournaments? Look no further! Downloadable resources are provided for all sets of regulations so you can access them wherever you need to from your desktop or phone. From draws and seeding to daily play limitations and ranking information, all the regulations necessary for a successful tournament are at your fingertips.

Resources Available:

  • Adult Tournament Regulations
  • Junior Tournament Regulations
  • Junior Guidelines – Red, Orange & Green Ball
TDM Information

USTA’s online Tournament Data Manager (TDM) is your program to build draws, report match results, register players and much more. Here you can find direct access to the TDM Information Center, where you can find a list of frequently asked questions and multiple tutorials to help you get the most out of the system.

Grievance Information

A grievance is defined as a “written formal complaint regarding an alleged violation of regulation or procedure.” Grievances happen, and we want to make sure you’re prepared. We’ve compiled information regarding grievance procedures, the appeal process and the reporting forms needed, so you have all the answers necessary.

Tennis Industry United

In this unprecedented time, the entire tennis industry has come together to analyze the most pressing needs and top concerns of all involved in our sport and then collaborated on programs that can provide the immediate and longer-term support that is needed. This section highlights the Tennis Industry Resource Guide that offers a list of resources focused on financial assistance and relief.

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