Back in March, USTA Florida announced the launch of an all new provider resource webpage aimed at supplying the Florida tennis community’s vast range of providers with education, guidance and the tools they need for continued success.

Since then, the page has evolved to be a hub of information for all different types of providers – school teachers, coaches, tennis teaching professionals, etc. – and offers access to a wealth of continually updated information, training and necessary assets to help maintain and improve customer service.

In August, USTA Florida expanded the webpage even more with the launch of the brand-new Adult Social Play provider category, for those who are working to expand play opportunities with fun and social play programs. Below is a breakdown of what resources are available for Adult Social Play providers.

What are Social Tennis Programs?

There are plenty of fun, social ways to play tennis and take advantage of all that the sport has to offer. One great way to get involved in the sport is through social tennis events or programs. Adult social tennis programs offer casual play opportunities for players of all skill levels, whether brand new to tennis or those with years of experience on the court. These activities are wonderful opportunities to not only get into and enjoy the sport, but to also meet new people or play with friends and family.

Social Leagues, Drop In and Team Up Events

Looking for some competition but want to keep the focus on fun? There are several options to choose from.

Social Leagues are a group of tennis teams who compete locally against each other on a designated date, time and location for a multi-week season. Match results count towards league standings which may or may not result in a local league play-off.

A Drop In is a tennis program focused on introducing competition in a low-pressure environment without an emphasis on keeping score. These casual “drop in and play” tennis events are a great way to have fun on the court with new people or a group of friends.

Team Up events are doubles or team-based play that focuses on light competition and team-based results. They are normally presented as half day events with an innovative format that provide level-based competition for players.

If you’re interested in conducting a Social League in your community, this section offers short videos that provide breakdowns and tips about the Social League environment, a format walkthrough, and responsibilities of providers. You can also find recommendations for levels of play, fees, equipment and player amenities as well as information on season length and formats for Social Leagues, Drop In and Team Up events.

Getting Started

Not sure where to begin? We’re here to help you start adding social play programs and play opportunities to your lineup. We offer steps to help you break into the social play program arena, including guidance for:

  • Choosing a program
  • Partners/sponsors
  • Scheduling
  • Volunteers
  • Registration
  • Kick-Off events
  • Promotion tips

Looking for something you can’t find here? Have a need? Let us know! USTA Florida will continue to add resources to in an effort to keep providers informed, up to date, and supported. Contact us below with your suggestions.

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