USTA Florida is working hard to keep players active and engaged at home! Every weekday evening at 5 p.m. EST throughout April, join us for Pro Power Hour – an hour of tips, technique, and activities provided by our USTA Florida tennis teaching professionals. 

The pro tips cover a variety of topics for players of all levels:

  1. Warm-Up and Health – If your body isn’t ready, your muscles aren’t ready! Before a match, it’s important to set aside some time pre-practice or pre-competition to properly warm-up. 
  2. Rules and Sportsmanship – Tennis is a unique sport, one that is often played without supervision, referees or officials. As a tennis player, it is important that you know and follow the rules and practice the courtesy of good sportsmanship on the court. 
  3. Strategy – Advance your game with various strategies to help maximize your strengths and rule the court.
  4. Groundstrokes – From high forehands to slice backhands, learn about different tips to enhance your game from the baseline.
  5. Serves – Improve your first shot in every point by working on these serving tips to help you play each point on your terms.
  6. Volleys –Whether you’re looking to finish the points quickly by approaching the net or helping your partner out at the net in doubles, these tips will help you feel more confident in your volleys.

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Here’s what you may have missed this week:

Hitting Against a Wall

Need an easy but fulfilling workout? Play Tennis Gainesville Head Pro Christopher Champion shares some tips you can use indoors or outdoors.



John Sanders, Head Pro at the Racquet Club of Cocoa Beach, goes over the basics of the dropshot and how you can practice, and perfect, your dropshot at home.


Doubles Strategy

Communication is key when playing doubles! Focus on these strategy tips to help you ace the fast-paced world of doubles play.


Red Ball

With a little help from some prehistoric friends, Lori demonstrates a variety of easy red ball drills that you can work on at home.


Athletic Skills

Understanding how to utilize your body can make it easier to improve your tennis game. Learn how developing your overall athletic skills can be beneficial on the court.


Kick Serve

The kick serve is considered the ultimate second serve. Travis breaks down the grip, toss, and swingpath to kick your kick serve up a notch.


Stances of the Backhand

Did you know there are four stances of the backhand? Christopher explains what they are and what they’re used for.


10 & Under Equipment

The best way to make sure younger players are having success on the court is with the best equipment! John delves into the options available for them, from kid-sized equipment to different court sizes.


Split Step & Ready Position

Two major keys to every player’s game are the split step and the ready position. John demonstrates proper technique and some drills you can do around your house to keep you at the top of your game.


Indoor Coordination Drills

Tennis is a sport where hand-eye coordination is important! Practice some of these easy drills to keep your hand-eye coordination at its peak.


Sportsmanship & Etiquette

Good sportsmanship is an essential aspect of tennis. Lori shares some tips to help you demonstrate good sportsmanship and etiquette both on and off the court.


One-Handed Backhand

Want to up your one-handed backhand game? Travis goes over the advantages and disadvantages of the shot and shares some drills you can do at home.


Stances of the Forehand

We’ve learned the stances of the backhand, now it’s time to focus on the forehand! Christopher goes over the stances and footwork to help keep you on balance.


Forehand Approach Shot

The forehand approach shot is often underappreciated and underutilized… we hope that changes after these tips! Travis walks you through the basics when it comes to acing this shot. 


Backhand Volley

Elevate your game and improve your backhand volley at the same time. Check out these techniques and exercises aimed at boosting your confidence with the backhand volley.


Stretching After Playing

Did you know stretching after you play is just as important as stretching before? Cool down your body after an active day on the court with some of these tips.


How to Play a Match

Who serves first? What side of the court am I on? What is the point system? Christopher breaks down everything you need to know when it comes to playing a match.



A powerful shot that deserves some attention! Travis explains how to master your grip and swing to strengthen your overhead shot.


Forward Movement

Going through the motions… the forward motions! Lori shares some drills to help your forward movement, a critical aspect of the game!


Doubles Formations

Grab your pen and paper because class is now in session! The topic? Doubles strategy and tactics! Learn when, how, and where to use these formations to benefit your doubles game.