Boca Raton played host to USTA Florida’s 2022 Junior Team Tennis Fall State Championships on December 9 through December 11. There were 31 teams in attendance with over 150 players participating in the final JTT showdown of the year. The competition was fierce as teams were battling back and forth across seven different divisions. 

USTA Florida Youth Team Play Manager, Liz Spicer said the atmosphere was electric all weekend long. “It was amazing to see the support parents, coaches, and other players were giving to one another,” she said. “This was definitely a memorable JTT Championship.” 

JTT State Championship | USTA FL

The players brought good energy for a weekend of tennis.

This event marks the end of the 2022 JTT season, but the future is as bright as ever. The JTT program has grown to 18 different counties in Florida and well over 300 players. 

Spicer is proud to be leading this program as it gives numerous children an opportunity to get involved in the team aspect of tennis and enjoy the sport with friends.  

Junior Team Tennis State Championships are team tournaments organized by USTA Florida where teams of varying age and skill levels from all throughout Florida compete against each other at the end of the spring or fall seasons. Divisions of play include 10-under orange ball, and both green and yellow ball for 10-under, 12-under, 14-under and 18-under in novice, intermediate and advanced divisions. 

JTT State Championship | USTA FL

Teams gathered to compete for their JTT State Championship.

2022 Fall JTT State Championship Results 

Green Ball 


Winner: Royal Palm Polo

Captain: Michelle Silverman 

Players: Hudson Silverman, Leonardo Castanho, Jackson Weprin, Logan Pruzan 

Finalist: Gaines Park/DBYTF

Captain: Eddie Luby 

Players: Joshua Adams, Alyssa Cleckley, Pietro De Negri Albarra, Zuri Rickets, and Braelen Sheely 


Winner: Green Go Getters Captain: Mike Vu 

Players: Logan Biagi, Carma Candelaria, Christina Carlisi, Ellery Carlson, Walker Teate, Nam Vu 

Finalist: Miami Chihuahuaz

Captain: Kara Borromeo 

Players:  Yifan Shen, Benjamin Koudelka, Emiliano Zaldivar, Anthony Saavedra, Olivia Trejos 

JTT State Championship | USTA FL

Teams played in Green and Yellow Ball competition throughout the weekend.

Yellow Ball 


Winner: Broward B  

Captain: Amadeo R. Marino 

Players: Glanmarco Attento, Ornella Beltramino, Gabriel Marino, Bryson Montalvo, Hulya Ozdogan 

Finalist: Miami Rockets

Captain: Lisa Tew 

Players: Alexander Arias, Sebastian De Abreu, Victor Escobedo, Dominick Fili, Spencer Tew 

14U Flight I 

Winner: Crafty Crew

Captain: Joshua Sewell 

Players: Knox Baker, Maximilian Chin Lee, Abigail Sewell, Joshua Sewell 

Finalist: Elite Tennis Captain: Eric Myers 

Players: Daniel Zacharia, Aadhav Balraj, Ahkil Balraj, Aaryan Nenmini, Saanvi Jagtap 

14U Flight II 

Winner: JGCC  

Captain: Lisa Woods 

Players: Brayden Woods, Jack Miller, Lukas Howland, Michael Schramm-Santo, Davis Miller 

Finalist: Gators 

Captain: Dave Porter 

Players: Colin Cabrera, Asher Case, Gabriel Duterte, Wesson Kail, Barrett Mitchell, Owen Van Boven  

18U Flight I 

Winner: Volusia Wildlings 

Captain: Bernhard Kwetkus 

Players: Leo Kwetkus Joshua Thorpe Octavio Stout Ofelia Stout Marina Carlisi 

Finalist: Miami Chihuahuaz Mozart  

Captain: Kara Borromeo 

Players: Warren Miller, Sophia Jarauta, Colby Benjamin, Martin Jeveaux 

18U Flight II 

Winner: Miami Chihuahuaz Azul  

Captain: Kara Borromeo 

Players: Ysabella Bagayas, Andy Lara, Martina Jamarillo, Kai Lesser, 

Finalist: Wellington 

Captain: Luke Stephens 

Players: Nikhil Gudapati, Dan Levine, Josh Abrams, Jaydon Chavez, Ishaan Raut