The Shack out of Ormond Beach was the lone multi-trophy winner at Patch Reef Park in Boca Raton, Fla. over the weekend after taking home wins in the 12-under and 14-under divisions at the 2019 USTA Florida JTT Fall State Championships.

More than 30 teams took part in the event, representing Duval, Orange, Volusia, Miami-Dade, Pinellas, Broward, Palm Beach, and the Treasure Coast.

“I want to thank all the team captains, players, and parents who participated,” said USTA Florida Youth Team Play Manager Liz Coates. “It was an exciting weekend of junior tennis with great play and sportsmanship on the courts.”  

Junior Team Tennis State Championships are team tournaments organized by USTA Florida where teams of varying age and skill levels from all throughout Florida compete against each other at the end of the spring or fall seasons. Divisions of play are 10-under orange ball, and both green and yellow ball for 10-under, 12-under, 14-under and 18-under in novice, intermediate and advanced divisions.

10U Orange Ball

Winner: Chihuahuaz (Coral Reef, Miami)

Coach: Lee Pettis

Roster: Chelsea Acanda, Daniel Botta Miranda, Jake Guevara, Olivia Simon

Finalist: Ensignia Tennis Orange (David Ensignia Tennis Academy, Miami)

Coach: David Ensignia

Roster: Shum Alan, Francisca Cardenas, Diana Ensignia, Emilia Gomez

12U Green Ball

Winner: Shack Guardians (The Shack, Ormond Beach)

Coach: Stacey Speller

Roster: Jordan Anthony, Luciana Carlisi, Yash Desai, Trevor Lewis, Brice Speller

Finalist: FH G.O.A.Ts (Orlando)

Coach: Tsajai Nelthropp

Roster: Jack Hutchinson, Anna Malmqvist, Erika Malmqvist, Croix Nelthropp, Rohan Nelthropp

12U Yellow Ball

Winner: Mets (Neighborhood Tennis, Miami)

Coach: Carlos Santamaria

Roster: Soleil Aurignac, Lucas Bednarek-Malyshko, Benjamin Lustig, Jose Worcman

Finalist: Patch Reef (Patch Reef, Boca Raton)

Coach: John Noble

Roster: Isaak Almaleh, Christian Naya, Daniel Naya, Blaise Noble

14U Novice

Winner: Tiger Sharks (Pinellas)

Coach: Rommel Salazar

Roster: Daniel Ceklic, Michael Ceklic, Joseph Grisanti, Jacob Lahaff, Nicholas Lahaff, Nicolas Salazar

Finalist: Shack Volley Hitters (The Shack, Ormond Beach)

Coach: Bernhard Kwetkus

Roster: Anna Grace Edwards, Morgan Gurtis, Shyam Kasturi, Mary Kwetkus

14U Yellow Ball Flight I

Winner: Shack Racqueteers (The Shack, Ormond Beach)

Coach: Adelani Adekunle

Roster: Giselle Adekunle, Riya Arab, Kacey Cannon, Anik Desai, Sebastian Juracek, Joshua Thorpe

Finalist: Patch Reef (Patch Reef, Boca Raton)

Coach: Lucy Lira

Roster: Jacob Anuar, Lorenzo Cavalcante, Thomas Cully, Caio Lira, Max Roddy

14U Yellow Ball Flight II

Winner: Florida Yacht Club 3 (Florida Yacht Club, Jacksonville)

Coach: Jennifer Sammons

Roster: Jay Deering, Grace Dunton, Dan Exline, Dhruv Pandya, Emily Sammons

Finalist: CR Chihuahuaz I (Coral Reef, Miami)

Coach: Kara Borromeo

Roster: Gabriel Andrade, Ysabelle Bagayas, Kayla Carey, Katrina Hoechner

18U Yellow Ball

Winner: Spruce Creek (Port Orange)

Coach: Jeremy Davies

Roster: Victoria Adams, Sebastian Buenner, Daniel Cronje, Luke Paschal, Emilee Sanders

Finalist: CR Chihuahuaz I (Coral Reef, Miami)

Coach: Kara Borromeo

Roster: Franz Emmanuelle Bagayas, Allexii Bassette, Gabrielle Bassette, Javier Cordova, Joseph Glidden, Reuben Williams

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