Tournament Directors

Having the right information and tools are key to conducting successful adult and junior tournaments.

Here you will find information and guidance to the resources you need as a Tournament Director.

Sanction Information

Below you will find the information and forms regarding the the USTA Florida tournament sanction process for Junior Tournaments.   Click the links below for more information:

  1. Sanction Introduction
  2. Sanction Instructions
  3. Tournament Director Quiz
  4. Entry-Level Tournament Director Quiz
  5. Junior Tournament Levels Chart
  6. Junior Tournament Supplemental Bid Form
  7. Junior Tournament Sanction Agreement
  8. 2019 Junior Calendar


Below you will find the USTA Florida Regulations for Adult and Junior Tournaments.

Click the links below to download each:

  1. Adult Tournament Regulations
  2. Junior Tournament Regulations
  3. Junior Guidelines - Red, Orange, & Green Ball

TDM Information

USTA’s online Tournament Data Manager (TDM) is your program to building draws, reporting match results, register players, and much more.  Get answers and information reagrding TDM at the TDM Information Center.

TDM Information Center

Grievance Information

Below you will find information regarding Grievance procedures and the reporting forms.

  1. Grievances Procedures
  2. Grievance Form

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