February 18th, 2015

New Resource: Tips for Getting Tennis in Schools

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Partnering with schools has never been so easy. Check out the updated USTA handbook, Partner with Schools, for helpful tips on approaching schools, creating interest and organizing play.

Partner with Schools includes:

Section 1: Approaching Schools — Breaks down the steps for adopting a school and talking with school decision makers to implement and/or promote a tennis program.

Section 2: Creating Interest — Provides basic templates for visiting schools and getting kids excited about tennis, whether it’s
through a lunchtime demo, class visit, assembly, or school tennis festival.

Section 3: Organizing Play — Includes suggestions and tips on how to organize, set up, and conduct Student Tennis Clubs and Play Days for large numbers of students.

Section 4: Resources — Overviews additional resources essential for a successful school tennis effort including training opportunities, equipment, facility assistance, and more.

By utilizing kid-friendly equipment, shorter courts, and instant play games and activities, kids will fall in love with the game at the first stroke of the ball.

Download the Partner with Schools Handbook