April 22nd, 2014

Monday ITF Seniors Update: USA 40s Win; Women’s 35s Fall to Netherlands


Today Vesna McKenna (Hollwood) was the only Florida player in action in the ITF Seniors World Team Championships. She and Julie Cass won their doubles match against Estonia to complete a US 3/0 sweep. Patricia Zerdan and Sophie Woorons-Johnston, won the singles points.

Waiting to see action are Mario Tabares (Miami) in the men’s 45s, Jenny Klitch (Palm Beach Gardens) in the women’s 45s, Michael Halperin, (Boca Raton) in the men’s 35s and me, in the women’s 55s.

Tabares, a member of the Dubler Cup team, came up to watch the USA men’s 40s team play Canada today along with his teammates, one of whom is Jeff Tarango. Jeff is a smart, funny guy, but a real character. A former top pro, he now really enjoys the senior tennis scene. He told me he educated Serena Williams on the event when he ran into her (they are friends) at the club today.

Klitch, Halperin and I had the day off and start play tomorrow.

The USA Lenglen Cup team is a rookie team; none of the players has been on a Cup team before It’s also a melting pot team; captain and #1 Simona Bruetting is from Slovakia; #2 Gee Gee Garvin is a US native; #3 Fanny Gamble is from Israel and #4 Yulia Bolotova is from Russia. They ran into a tough Dutch team and though Garvin won her singles match, the team fell at #1 singles and in the doubles.

To see all the draws, click here.

Photo is of the deciding doubles match in the men’s 40s today; USA won 2/1 over Canada.