February 16th, 2022

Mid-Florida Tennis Association Donates More Than $6,000 to Grow Tennis in Central Florida

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The Mid-Florida Tennis Association earlier this week donated a total of $6,886 to the USTA Florida Section Foundation in an effort to continue its focus on growing tennis in central Florida. The USTA Florida Section Foundation has committed to applying the funds to program, equipment and facility grant requests from Orange and Seminole counties.

“The USTA Florida Section Foundation is grateful to the MFTA for making this significant donation. Thanks to their generosity, we will be able to provide additional grants to organizations that serve communities across central Florida,” said Donn Davis, USTA Florida Section Foundation President.

MFTA originally was formed as an information hub for all clubs, parks and events in the central Florida area. The team behind the MFTA did some excellent work delivering team tennis programs for more than a decade. Unfortunately, after several years of work, it became difficult to design revenue streams needed to make the CTA solvent and it became dormant.

“We had the right idea and the right people, but the timing just wasn’t there,” said Bob Pfaender, an original founder of the MFTA and past president of USTA Florida. “Donating these funds that were generated by local Junior Team Tennis revenues a decade ago, was the right thing to do.”

Tobais Svantesson, past president of the MFTA, and Bob Pfaender, original founder of the MFTA, present a check totalling $6,886 to the USTA Florida Section Foundation in an effort to continue its focus on growing tennis in central Florida.

Tobias Svantesson, owner of e-tennis in Winter Park and past president of MFTA, made the decision to dissolve the organization and donate the funds to USTA Florida. As a business owner in the community, Mr. Svantesson has been a vocal advocate for bringing more play opportunities to central Florida.

“I hope these funds will be spent on deserving causes in our community,” Svantesson added.

The USTA Florida Section Foundation recently awarded more than $68,000 in grants during its Fall 2021 grant cycle. The Spring grant cycle opened on February 1, 2022, and runs through April 30th. Grants are approved on a rolling basis throughout the cycle. To learn more and apply, visit www.USTAFloridaFoundation.com/apply-for-grants.