December 21st, 2015

Latest ‘Inside Tennis with the Koz’ Features Florida Award Winners

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"The Koz" and Venus Williams

“The Koz” and Venus Williams

The latest episode of “Inside Tennis With The Koz,” which premiered on Saturday, Dec 19. on the Suncoast News Network in Florida, is now available online, featuring interviews and features on recent award winners from the 2015 USTA Florida Awards, and more.

The episode features Maria Cercone, who was inducted into the Florida Tennis Hall of Fame, and 2015 Female Player of the Year Doris Jane Lutz.

Cercone’s induction into Hall of Fame for her volunteer service caps a lifetime of making competitive and recreational tennis a better experience for all. Growing up as a junior player in the USTA Florida Section, she received the Jimmy Gant Memorial junior award in 1973, and was named the Florida Junior Coach of the Year in 1995 and in 2001. She says, “When I was asked to serve on the Junior Competitive Committees for the first time, I thought that was such an honor. It all started from that initial position.”

It’s hard to categorize Lutz, except as perhaps the Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic of the Super Seniors players wrapped into one. The 87-year-old said “I’m playing as good as I ever was” late last year when she was en route to finishing No. 1 in her age group in the singles, team and individual doubles rankings in the U.S.

Also featured is a video recap of the Eddie Herr international junior tournament, with notable Florida juniors such as Ingrid Neel, Antoine Sanchez, Christian Alshon, Sonia Kenin and more.

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