As the 2022-2023 school year gets underway, USTA Florida is showing their support toward growing youth tennis within the community through a series of school trainings throughout the state.

Since August, USTA Florida has hosted over 10 different school trainings, providing PE coaches and teachers with the knowledge of tennis. USTA Florida also provided schools with Net Generation equipment, such as rackets, balls, nets and more.

During a training in Miami, USTA Florida Tennis Service Representative, Marcy Cohen hosted a ton of new school trainers. Here, they learned about what it takes to teach tennis. From the basics to having fun with it, Marcy Cohen said she really felt that these trainers were grasping the fun of the sport and were looking forward to bringing it to their school.

Marcy Cohen led a training in South Florida for teachers.

Over in Hillsborough County, USTA Florida ran another tennis education session, which saw nearly 100 teachers show up, excited to bring tennis to their community. Magali Holt, USTA Florida’s Community Play Coordinator said it was a wonderful experience to network with all of these teachers.

“It was a very successful day to revive tennis in schools in Hillsborough County,” Holt said. “You could sense the excitement in the air, as we ran four one-hour sessions to train these teachers on coaching the sport.”

USTA Florida Director of Community Tennis, Danielle Gooding, is super excited about bringing tennis to the schools of Florida. “This is a great way for us to get involved with the school system and show our commitment to growing the sport.”

Multiple people have gathered to attend these insightful trainings.

Bringing tennis training to the school teachers allows them to have another tool in their toolbox and to provide fun exercise for all. These educators will take what they learn from these trainings to make a positive impact within their school district.

Gooding is thrilled with USTA Florida’s collaboration with the schools, but most importantly, being able to put smiles on these kids’ faces. “I am excited to hear and see the thousands of new kids who will have the opportunity to learn and fall in love with tennis during the 2022-2023 school year!”