June 5th, 2014

Getting Kids Into Tennis Easy with New Florida Youth Tennis Website

General News

Youth tennis in Florida now has an easy-to-navigate one-stop shop for parents and players to find local events, school tennis clubs, team tennis opportunities and more with the debut of the Florida Youth Tennis website.

Website visitors are greeted with link choices for “Try,” “Learn,” “Play,” and “Compete” to determine skill level and the level of play or competition desired.

TRY — Check out modified equipment options and where to buy, and play opportunities in Florida such as local Tennis Festivals and Kids’ Tennis Clubs at your school. With portable nets tennis can be played in the driveway.

LEARN — Put your knowledge to the test about basic tennis scoring and rules, see some videos on improving your game, and check out local Play Day opportunities. Find events where the score is not as important as the fun.

PLAY — Find programs where you can start playing singles, double and team tennis in a fun, no-pressure environment. Use the “Find a Court” search for play opportunities such as Play Days, Team Tennis Challenges and ROGY Tourn-events

COMPETE — Ready to take your game to the next level? There are Junior Tournaments for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. Find out how to start at the right level and advance as far as you want to go.

For players and parents not sure where to begin, a few quick and painless questions will point them in the right direction for events catering to their age, skill level and experience.

Parents and players can also check out upcoming youth tennis events and the latest youth tennis news in Florida, find an event or choose a program, find the latest rankings for age 12-18 ranked players, and more.

“For years parents have been in need of an easier online experience when looking for places and programs for their children to participate,” says USTA Florida Associate Executive Director, Recreational Tennis Division, Andy McFarland. “With this new youth tennis website, parents will be able to easily determine which tennis program their child should start along the youth tennis pathway as well as a location where those programs are offered throughout Florida.”

Florida youth event organizers can submit youth tennis events to the updated calendar and increase participation and promotion at www.ustaflorida.com/organizers.

“It is an exceptional marketing opportunity for youth tennis organizers and providers to list and promote themselves, their facility and the play opportunities they offer youth,” McFarland said. “Along with USTA National’s YouthTennis.com website, there are now two opportunities to promote youth tennis programming for organizers in Florida.”