March 8th, 2018

Get a Friend or Family Member Into Tennis Through Beginner Player Opportunities

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Adult Beginner Programs

Getting on court and playing tennis can start at any point in life. Check out what these adults at a beginner program at the Racquet Club of Cocoa Beach have to say about their experience. Looking to start or know someone who might be interested? Tennis facilities across the state offer programs for adults just getting started. Visit to find a facility in your area.

Posted by USTA Florida on Tuesday, March 6, 2018

From finding the right equipment to programs in your area, USTA Florida is focusing on beginner adult play opportunities across the state this spring.

Want to grab a friend and practice, or get the family on the court? Start off with lower-compression balls for kids or adults that are easier to keep in play and rally — and for children, kid-sized racquets for better control and success.

Need to find a place to play? Tennis courts are all over Florida — at local parks, tennis clubs, and schools. You don’t event need a court if you have a mini-net, racquets and balls, you can create a court anywhere.

Other ways to tennis are getting your feet moving with Cardio Tennis, the high-energy fitness activity combining the best features of the sport with cardiovascular exercise. Cardio Tennis delivers the ultimate full body, calorie-burning aerobic workout. Find a Cardio Tennis program in your area.

Another newer way to tennis is social play. USTA Florida adult social leagues and one-time play events stress fun and sociability over competitive play. Organized in 4-6 week leagues or one-time events, social play offers the fun and sociability of tennis without a multiple-month commitment. Find social play events near you.

Send a friend to to get them started on the courts. Whether players are just beginning or continuing to grow in the game, there are play opportunities for all levels and types of play throughout Florida.