October 23rd, 2015

Ft. Myers Tennis Youth Experience Latest Training Techniques at USTA Early Development Camp

Youth Tennis News

Fort Myers was the Florida site for this month’s one-day USTA Early Developmental Camp, which saw youngsters age 8-9 who had at least moderate match experience put through a four-hour curriculum that included athletic skill development, technical development and match play with some of the USTA Florida Section’s top coaches.

The camp utilized the USTA 10 and Under Tennis format orange ball on 60-foot courts.

“These camps across the country are spearheaded by the national USTA Player Development office with support from the USTA sections,” says USTA Florida Player Development Coordinator Andy Gladstone. “The camps consist of drills and match play for the kids, coach training, and working with parents regarding their children’s tennis development. There are a series of four camps with set curriculums, and we have had over 10 camps this year across Florida.”

USTA Early Developmental Camps lay a solid foundation for kids’ future development through fun and fundamentals, using the latest USTA progressive teaching methodologies. They utilize the USTA 10 and Under Tennis orange ball format, which is played on a smaller 60-foot court to develop more advanced stroke technique, greater court coverage and improved recognition skills.

Orange ball players develop greater ball control, improved pace, spin, height and depth, and develop higher-percentage court patterns and improved net transitioning skills.

Parents were invited to ask and discuss questions such as:

* How many tournaments should my child play in a year?
* How many group lessons and privates should my child have in a week?
* How do I know when my child should move to the next 10 and Under Tennis court size or ball?
* How do I know who is a good teacher for my child?
* Is it really important that my child plays other sports? If so, what sports compliment tennis?
* What do I do when my child wins and loses?

Fees for the one-day USTA Early Developmental Camps are only $25, and the Ft. Myers camp at the Barbara Manzo Tennis Center featured 20 players on Oct. 11, 2015.

Florida’s Rita Gladstone is the Early Developmental Camp Lead Faculty Coach for USTA Florida, and in Ft. Myers was joined by director Sibo Kangwa, administrator Lyn Bruner, and coaches Patrick Kangwa, Stephen Kangwa, Mike Baugh, and Bob Nelson.

For more information on Florida USTA Early Developmental Camps contact Andy Gladstone at gladstone@florida.usta.com.