Junior Team Tennis teams representing Brevard, Broward, Miami-Dade and Volusia counties raised trophies over the weekend at the 2021 USTA Florida Fall Junior Team Tennis State Championships, held at the Racquet Club of Cocoa Beach in Cocoa Beach, Fla.

21 teams took part in the event, representing Brevard, Broward, Duval, Flagler, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Volusia, and St. Johns counties.

“I want to thank all the teams who participated throughout the season, from the captains and players to the parents and coaches,” said Liz Coates, USTA Florida Youth Team Play Manager. “There is always such outstanding play and sportsmanship at these junior team tennis events.”

Junior Team Tennis State Championships are team tournaments organized by USTA Florida where teams of varying age and skill levels from all throughout Florida compete against each other at the end of the spring or fall seasons. Divisions of play include 10-under orange ball, and both green and yellow ball for 10-under, 12-under, 14-under and 18-under in novice, intermediate and advanced divisions.


10U Green Ball Division

Winner: Veltri Alek Koleva Tennis School (Plantation) 

Coach: Aleksandrina Koleva

Roster: Aman Jakhad, Andreas Paun, Patrick Paun, Sebastian Silva

Finalist: Paddy Wack Shack (Ormond Beach Rec. Center, Ormond Beach)

Coach: Jackie Johnson

Roster: Logan Biagi, Christina Carlisi, Avani Kasturi, Andreya Lisle, Nam Vu

12U Green Ball Division

Winner: Miami Chuahuaz Mozart (Coral Reef Park, Miami)

Coach: Kara Borromeo

Roster: April Koudelka, Santiago Paz Alba, Lars Augusto Seagren, Spencer Tew, Patricio Zaldivar

Finalist: Elite Amenities Tennis (Elite Amenities Tennis Center, St. Johns)

Coach: Eric Meyer

Roster: Aadav Balraj, Akhil Balraj, Aaryan Nenmini, Daniel Zacharia

12U Yellow Ball Division

Winner: Bounce Back Shack (Nova Community Center, Ormond Beach)

Coach: Cindy Hate

Roster: Gina Carlisi, Luciana Carlisi, Madelyn Hate, Hadar Papayeva

Finalist: Brevard Rockets (Racquet Club of Cocoa Beach, Cocoa Beach)

Coach: Elia Twigg

Roster: Zaman Hussain, Samuel Mcbride, Madisyn Neville, Liana Twigg, Thaila Wells, Michael Yang

14U Division

Winner: Brevard Rockets (Fee Avenue Tennis Courts, Melbourne)

Coach: Jacob Kargauer

Roster: Ella Hovan, Ayman Hussain, Nathan Oglesby, Gabriel Torres, Nickolas Velazquez

Finalist: JGCC (Jacksonville Golf and Country Club, Jacksonville)

Coach: Lisa Woods

Roster: Lukas Howland, Jacob Jones, Luke Kunkle, Ashton Maccario, Miller Jack, Brayden Woods

18U Intermediate Division

Winner: Miami Chihuahuaz Cisco (Coral Reef Park, Miami)

Coach: Kara Borromeo

Roster: Franz Emmanuelle Bagayas, Allexii Bassette, Gabrielle Bassette, Pearly Chewputtanagul, Tomas Curcio

Finalist: Brevard Rockets (Racquet Club of Cocoa Beach, Cocoa Beach)

Coach: Brett Keener

Roster: Mackenzie Farson, Scott Gaug, Sunshine Reitz, Angel Rios, Caden Stewart, Jack Zhao

For more information on Junior Team Tennis in Florida, visit www.ustaflorida.com/jtt.