November 13th, 2014

Florida Tennis License Plates Change Lives

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By Laura Bowen
USTA Florida Director of Marketing, Membership & Communications

Confession:  I’m not a tennis player.

My mom taught me to play when I was in high school, and to this day, I can’t hit a competent forehand (thanks to my softball swing). But, I still play tennis with my mom because it is the one activity we have always done together.  Even when we disagreed about everything else in life, we have always shared the love on the tennis court.My story is not unique. Tennis is a life-changing experience for many people.  It’s where friendships and character and families are forged.  It’s where you put aside your differences and troubles.  It’s where you have a chance to succeed, no matter your circumstances or station in life.

When I purchased my “Play Tennis!” license plate in 2011, I had no idea the impact I would have on others.  Three years later, I realize that my first $25 put a racquet in a little girl’s hand; another $25 likely paid for her to participate in a program; and another $25 went toward building new tennis courts in her community.

Since 2010, USTA Florida and USTA Florida Section Foundation have given nearly a million dollars to provide grants for equipment, programs and facilities across the entire state.  As a direct result of those grants, thousands of people who would otherwise not have a chance to play can step onto a court and experience this wonderful sport.  All it takes is $25 a year, and a willingness to give back.

By joining USTA Florida, and showing my love of tennis with the license plate, I am giving a young person the same opportunity that I had when my mom taught me to play.  I’m giving back to the game that has given me so much.  I’m changing a life.  Imagine the impact we could have if each and every one of us did the same.

Please join me and the thousands of other Floridians and get your tag this year.  Visit for details.