Children of all ages and abilities in Florida this summer joined the Net Generation, introduced by the #SummerOfNetGeneration contest that saw more than 75 summer camps sign-up kids to win Fun Days in their towns, and to qualify to host a BIG BASH.

From the north in the Florida Panhandle and Tallahassee south to the Florida Keys and all across the state, summer camps registered for the #SummerOfNetGeneration contest where five winners received a visit from the USTA Florida Street Team for a free day of tennis and fun activities.

The Truth N Tennis camp in the Miami area won the BIG BASH, where USTA Florida hosted a tennis festival open to the public that included XGLOsive glow-in-the-dark tennis for all ages.

Net Generation is driving parents to local tennis programming, says Jacqui Johnson, tennis program director at  “The Shack” in Ormond Beach, one of the five winning #SummerOfNetGeneration Fun Day locations.

“I’ve been here 10 years, and I still have parents that come to me saying, ‘I had no idea this was going on,’” said Jacqui Johnson, tennis program director in Ormond Beach, regarding her summer camps and programming. “I say, ‘How did you find out?’ and they say, ‘Well I went online and this Net Generation came up,’ and that’ so awesome, to get the information out there.”

The #SummerOfNetGeneration contest and Fun Days coincided with the launch of Net Generation during the U.S. summer hard court season leading up to the the US Open.

“This is a brilliant promotion because summer camps are when we get the chance to introduce children who have never been exposed to tennis,” said Anne Davis, director of community engagement for the USTA National Campus in Orlando. “It gives them that little taste of tennis, to show them how fun it is and that they can play with their friends. The summer camps in public parks are where children are going to come in and be introduced to tennis.”

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