Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018

Jose Enrique Zambrano Llovera, whose USTA League 40 & Over men’s 4.0 team plays out of Tamiami Tennis Center in Miami, will be blogging this weekend from the USTA League 40 & Over 4.0 National Championships at the Darling Tennis Center in Las Vegas, Nev.

Florida 3rd Place at USTA League Nationals

Last day of competition, the sun was not even out when we start warming up at 6:30 am, with the court lights, the matches were scheduled vs Puerto Rico at 7 am.

It all started as planned, we win the first two doubles, it seems that we have a chance to make it to the finals but destiny got us a different outcome. On the other three matches, we decided all in supertiebreaks, the first one we lose was the doubles, then one singles, and before we notice, there was a court referee supervising the final match.

At that moment two matches for each team, tension everywhere, and finally it was too much, our singles player hustled but could not make it. We have to play for the third place.

Comenzamos a jugar por el tercer lugar 45 minutos después de acabado el encuentro anterior, esta vez nos toco contra Philadelphia, el encuentro lo ganamos 4-1, para resaltar la caballerosidad de la gran mayoría de los jugadores participantes, quienes fueron a competir con las mejores intenciones.

finaliza la jornada y el equipo de Florida se consolida, no solo dentro de la cancha sino por sobre todo, fuera de ella, los jugadores dieron el máximo, terminaron muchos de ellos con hielo en los hombros, rodillas y brazos, la próxima temporada será otra historia.

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