The East Coast reclaimed the Florida Cup over the West Coast 36-14 when the adult men’s team competition pitting Florida coasts was held on May 4-5, 2019, at the PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

“The victory was the East’s fifth straight on home clay,” said organizer Mark Taylor. “They set a Florida Cup record with 36 points to narrow the West’s series lead to 11-5.”

The East rode divisional sweeps in the 35s, 40s and 70s age groups while winning seven out of 10 doubles matches.

Individual winners on the weekend included Jordan Klingsberg (50s), David Ruiz (35s), Robert Flader (40s), and Jay Senter and Alan Spurling (75s), all 3-0 over the weekend.

The matches return to University Park Country Club in Sarasota in 2020 for the 17th annual Cup.


35s (East won 5-0)

David Ruiz (E) def. Duane Chaney (W) 6-0; 6-1
Bento Queiroz (E) def. Luke Andreae (W) 6-2; 7-5
Ruiz / Quieroz (E) def. Chaney / Andreae (W) 6-0; 6-2
David Ruiz (E) def. Luke Andreae (W) 6-2; 6-2
David Schmook (E) def. Duane Chaney (W) 6-0; 6-2

40s (East won 5-0)

Michael Halperin (E) def. Tim Videnka (W) 6-4; 6-2
Robert Flader (E) def. Jamie Feagan (W) 6-1; 7-5
Kevin Chow / Flader (E) def. Videnka / Feagan (W) 6-1; 7-6(8)
Daniel Stover (E) def. Jamie Feagan (W) 7-6(3); 6-1
Robert Flader (E) def. Tim Videnka (W) 6-0; 6-2

45s (East won 4-1)

Chris Pressley (E) def. Jason Horwitz (W) 6-0; 6-3
Andy Lake (E) def. Chris Muller (W) 6-1; 6-3
Jonathan Goldfarb / Pressley (E) def. Horwitz / Muller (W) 6-0; 6-4
Andy Lake (E) def. Jason Horwitz (W) 6-2; 6-2
Chris Muller (W) def. Jonathan Goldfarb (E) 7-6(4); 6-1

50s (East won 4-1)

Richard Schmidt (W) def. Gary Feil (E) 6-4; 6-1
Jordan Klingsberg (E) def. Darren Thomas (W) 6-1; 6-3
Klingsberg / Feil (E) def. Schmidt / Thomas (W) 6-4; 5-7; 7-6(3)
Gary Feil (E) def. Darren Thomas (W) 6-0; 6-1
Jordan Klingsberg (E) def. Richard Schmidt (W) 6-4; 6-2

55s (West won 3-2)

Cliff Coleman (W) def. Ervin Mendel (E) 6-0; 6-0
Tobias Svantesson (W) def. Eric Hoecker (E) 6-4; 6-1
Jeff Burnett / Billy Harris (E) def. Adam Abele / Coleman 0-6; 6-3; 6-0
Jeff Burnett (E) def. Cliff Coleman (W) 2-6; 6-3; 7-6(4)
Adam Abele (W) def. Billy Harris (E) 6-4; 3-6; 6-4

60s (West won 3-2)

Stuart Saiki (E) def. Mark Vines (W) 6-3; 6-4
Steve Winsor (E) def. Robert Steinmetz (W) 6-4; 6-2
Mark Vines / Robert Steinmetz (W) def. Mirek Wierzbicki / Steve Winsor (E) 7-6(3); 6-3
Mark Vines (W) def. Steve Winsor (E) 6-0; 6-1
Robert Steinmetz (W) def. Mirek Wierzbicki (E) 7-6; 6-4

65s (East won 4-1)

Joe Rasgado (E) def. Tom McGinnis (W) 6-2; 7-5
Mario Singer (E) def. Dan McClure (W) 6-3; 6-4
Dan McClure / Robert Graham (W) def. Rick Workman / Mario Singer 6-1; 6-4
Luis Baraldi (E) def. Robert Graham (W) 6-1; 7-5
Jeff Feldman (E) def. Tom McGinnis (W) 6-7; 6-4; 6-4

70s (East won 5-0)

Jamie Pressly (E) def. Byron Smith (W) 6-0; 6-1
Steve Foldes (E) def. Timm Rinehart (W) 6-1; 6-3
Michael Beautyman / Ted Sawyer (E) def. Larry Albritton / Byron Smith (W) 6-4; 3-6; 0-1 (ret.)
Steve Foldes (E) def. Byron Smith (W) 6-1; 6-1
Jamie Pressly (E) Timm Rinehart (W) 6-1; 6-1

75s (East won 4-1)

Ray Bellamy (W) def. Jay Senter (E) 6-4; 6-2
Alan Spurling (E) def. Jay Bortner (W) 6-1; 6-0
Jay Senter / Alan Spurling (E) def. Barry Shollenberger / Jay Bortner (W) 6-4; 6-0
Alan Spurling (E) def. Ray Bellamy (W) 6-4; 6-2
Jay Senter (E) def. Barry Shollenberger (W) 6-4; 6-0

80s (West won 5-0)

Michael Finnerty (W) def. Mario Dominguez (W) 6-3; 6-0
Donald Mathias (W) def. Dave Cartano (E) 6-0;; 6-1
Mathew Davie (W) def. Dave Cartano (E) 6-0; 6-4
West wins one singles match and doubles match via default


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