Junior Team Tennis

About Junior Team Tennis

USTA Junior Team Tennis is a program for boys & girls ages 6-18 that allows kids to play on compatible teams of similar age and skill levels.  Click the buttons below for information about leagues in the area and to register!

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Contact your local Junior Team Tennis Coordinator below for assistance.

USTA Adult Leagues

About USTA Florida Leagues For Adults

USTA Leagues are the country’s largest recreational tennis league. There are leagues available for all ages and skill. We are here to help you get started and find a team today!  

Check out the schedules below for the Leagues offered each season.  The Captain in your area for  your team will have the team number and can assist you with signing up.  If you have further questions or need assistance finding a team, contact your Local League Coordinator below.  

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USTA League Schedule

Winter Schedule

LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
3.0 Men12/15/2018WedEveJan - Apr
3.0 Women12/15/2018MonEveJan - Apr
3.5 Men12/15/2018ThuEveJan - Apr
3.5 Women12/15/2018TueEveJan - Apr
4.0 Men12/15/2018WedEveJan - Apr
4.0 Women12/15/2018ThuEveJan - Apr
4.5+ Men12/15/2018TBDEveJan - Apr
4.5+ Women12/15/2018TBDEveJan - Apr
LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
3.0 Men12/15/2018SatDayJan - Mar
3.0 Women12/15/2018SunDayJan - Mar
3.5 Men12/15/2018SunDayJan - Mar
3.5 Women12/15/2018SatDayJan - Mar
4.0 Men12/15/2018SatDayJan - Mar
4.0 Women12/15/2018SunDayJan - Mar
LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
5.012/15/2018FriEveJan - Apr
6.012/15/2018FriEveJan - Apr
7.012/15/2018FriEveJan - Apr
8.012/15/2018SunDayJan - Apr
LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
3.0/3.5/4.0 Men1/1/2019SatDayFeb - Apr
3.0/3.5/4.0 Women1/1/2019SatDayFeb - Apr

Spring Schedule

Summer Schedule

LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
2.5 Men4/1/2019MonEveMay - Jul
2.5 Women4/1/2019TueEveMay - Jul
3.0 Men4/1/2019WedEveMay - Jul
3.0 Women4/1/2019MonEveMay - Jul
3.5 Men4/1/2019ThuEveMay - Jul
3.5 Women4/1/2019TueEveMay - Jul
4.0 Men4/1/2019WedEveMay - Jul
4.0 Women4/1/2019ThuEveMay - Jul
4.5 Men4/1/2019TBDEveMay - Jul
4.5 Women4/1/2019TBDEveMay - Jul
LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
5.04/1/2019FriEveMay - Jul
6.04/1/2019FriEveMay - Jul
7.04/1/2019FriEveMay - Jul
8.04/1/2019SunDayMay - Jul
LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
6.07/15/2019SatDayJul - Oct
7.07/15/2019SatDayJul - Oct
8.07/15/2019SunDayJul - Oct

Fall Schedule

LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
3.0 Men9/15/2019SatDayOct - Jan
3.0 Women9/15/2019SatDayOct - Jan
3.5 Men9/15/2019SatDayOct - Jan
3.5 Women9/15/2019SatDayOct - Jan
4.0 Men9/15/2019SatDayOct - Jan
4.0 Women9/15/2019SatDayOct - Jan
LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
5.5 Men7/15/2019ThuEveAug - Nov
5.5 Women7/15/2019WedEveAug - Nov
6.5 Men7/15/2019WedEveAug - Nov
6.5 Women7/15/2019TueEveAug - Nov
7.5 Men7/15/2019MonEveAug - Nov
7.5 Women7/15/2019MonEveAug - Nov
8.5 Men7/15/2019WedEveAug - Nov
8.5 Women7/15/2019ThuEveAug - Nov
LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
6.5 Men7/15/2019TBDDayAug - Oct
6.5 Women7/15/2019ThuDayAug - Oct
7.5 Men7/15/2019ThuDayAug - Oct
7.5 Women7/15/2019TBDDayAug - Oct
LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
5.57/15/2019FriEveSep - Dec
6.57/15/2019FriEveSep - Dec
7.57/15/2019FriEveSep - Dec
8.57/15/2019FriEveSep - Dec
LeagueTeam Commitment DeadlineDayDay/EveSeason
3.5/4.0/4.5 Men7/15/2019SunDaySep - Dec
3.5/4.0/4.5 Women7/15/2019SunDaySep - Dec

Need Help?

Contact your local Local League Coordinator below for assistance.

Bobby York

Local Adult Play Coordinator

(407) 613-2765

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Adaptive Tennis

About Adaptive Tennis

USTA Florida promotes, develops and supports programs for individuals with differing physical and/or mental abilities and circumstances, and encourage facilities to provide adaptive tennis opportunities in their communities. Our outreach includes collaboration with organizations who serve special populations, participation at state events and support to Adaptive tennis programs through grants.  Click the buttons below to find out more about the organizations who offer Adaptive Tennis programs in your County.

Special Olympics

Other Play Opportunities

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