Katie Bivolan

High School and Youth Team Play Coordinator

Departments: Youth Tennis

Programs Served: Youth Tennis

A Florida native, originally from Port St. Lucie, Katie has been immersed in the world of tennis since she was a child. She would frequently be whisked away to different tournaments around the state and quickly fell in love with the sport and its community. From the age of 9, she started playing tennis competitively in several clubs in town. Her passion for the sport led her to pursue a Bachelors degree in Sports and Exercise Science with a minor in Coaching from the University of Central Florida. Her professional journey began as an Assistant Tennis/Golf Coach at Trinity Preparatory School, where she honed her skills and developed a knack for connecting with athletes of various ages and skill levels. Katie then took on the role of Head Tennis Coach at Mount Dora Christian Academy. In this position, she thrived as a leader and mentor, paving a way for this new team while also learning along side them. When she’s not on the court, Katie enjoys exploring the outdoors with her dog, attending local farmers’ markets, hiking, and training at the park. Her active lifestyle further fuels her enthusiasm for health and wellness, enabling her to better support her athletes and fellow coaches