January 29th, 2024

Florida Talent Dazzles at Combo 18 & Over 6.5/8.5 Sectional Championship

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The competitive spirit of tennis was shining as athletes were focused on the taking home a trophy at the USTA Florida Adult Combo 18 and Over 6.5/8.5 Sectional Championship. The courts transformed into a stage for tennis excellence and intense matches throughout the weekend.  

The Combo division adds a unique twist to tennis dynamics. Doubles pairs must align within 0.5 of their NTRP ratings, ensuring their combined level doesn’t surpass the chosen competition tier. For instance, in the 8.5 division, a 4.0 player might partner with a 4.5, creating dynamic matchups. 

Tennis fun buzzed around the courts at the USTA National Campus as teams were giving it their all on the courts! Among the four divisions in play, Alachua County was a big winner, taking home both of the 6.5 draws over Miami-Dade. For the 8.5 Men’s, Hillsborough took down Duval, while on the Women’s side, it was Collier County who also took down Duval in a tight 2-1 finals.  

Overall, it was a super exciting weekend of matches and Florida tennis is as competitive as it’s ever been. Check out the big winners from the weekend. 

Combo 18 & Over 6.5 Women 

Final Results: Alachua County (Jonesville Tennis Center) defeated Miami-Dade County (Riviera Preparatory School) 3-0 


No. 1 Doubles: Maria Curatolo/Anita Rajasekhar (Alachua) d. Kristin Anderson/Emily Burrows 6-3, 6-2 

No. 2 Doubles: Marlene Townsend/Lauren Moehle (Alachua) d. Yuilet Pellegrini/Mildred Rembisz 2-6, 6-3, 1-0 

No. 3 Doubles: Julie Sager/Alyssa Ray (Alachua) d. Mellissa Cili/Deanna Etzold 6-0, 6-3 

Alachua County Season Roster: Irina Madorsky (Captain), Melissa Justis, Jenny Neelands, Judith Bertran, Lauren Moehle, Alyssa Ray, Melissa Morris, Ashley Spink, Linda Garcia-Crespo, Julie Sager, Rebecca Mckee, Marlene Townsend, Anita Rajasekhar, Maria Curatolo, Angie Gomez 

Combo 18 & Over 6.5 Men 

Final Results: Alachua County (DB Racquet Club) defeated Miami-Dade County (Riviera Preparatory School) 2-1 


No. 1 Doubles: Chagin Buaiz/Francisco Dugarte (Miami) d. Boris Kuchuk/Andrew Diaz 2-6, 6-0, 1-0 

No. 2 Doubles: Dan Weisman/Camilo Fita (Alachua) d. Ivan Holmquist/Gonzalo Garcia 6-2, 7-5 

No. 3 Doubles: Paul Wesson/Steve Pratscher (Alachua) d. Federico Molinari/Arturo Moratinos 4-6, 7-6, 1-0 

Alachua County Season Roster: Chad Schafer (Captain), Camilo Fita, Thomas Yonge, Ed Stark, Paul Wesson, Dan Weisman, Chetan Sharma, Steve Pratscher, Nathan Wycoff, Colin Wycoff, Boris Kuchuk, Michael Tooke, Andrew Diaz, Don Baik 

Combo 18 & Over 8.5 Women 

Final Results: Collier County (Naples Grande Beach Resort) defeated Duval County (Ponte Vedra Club) 2-1 


No. 1 Doubles: Franzi Herman/Sarah Lynn Le Roux (Duval) d. Dana Wagoner/Laura Jolly 6-4, 7-5 

No. 2 Doubles: Nicki Sebold/Kari Gustafson (Collier) d. Jill Saig/Suzanne Brulte 6-0, 6-4 

No. 3 Doubles: Gina Wyatt/Mary Miranda-Del Rossi (Collier) d. Andrea Griswell/Jacqueline Bell Egan 

Collier County Season Roster: Amy Gardner (Captain), Dayna Webre (Captain), Mary Miranda-Del Rossi, Stephanie Foley, Mackenzie Rickman, Laura Jolly, Dayna Webre, Nicki Sebold, Dana Wagoner, Cheryl Cohen, Kari Gustafson, Kristie McCormick, Gina Wyatt, Tracy Stuben, Terry Dirr 

Combo 18 & Over 8.5 Men 

Final Results: Hillsborough County (HCC Tennis Complex) defeated Duval County (OakLeaf Tennis) 3-0 


No. 1 Doubles: Ani Ganesan/Patrick Chang (Hills) d. Clayton Tontarski/Zach Waters 6-3, 6-4 

No. 2 Doubles: Jaime Villegas/Alexandre Bourdiaux (Hills) d. Tyler Dunn Vaughn Holland 6-4, 3-6, 1-0 

No. 3 Doubles: Bruno Alves/Shivashish Puri (Hills) d. Rickey Walters/Richard Crittenden 6-2, 6-4 

Hillsborough County Season Roster: Joe Orsini (Captain), Ani Ganesan, Jaime Villegas, Yarek Orsini, Rafael Angel Rodriguez Gonzalez, Patrick Chang, Bruno Alves, Chris New, Nils Corrales, Jonathan F Collazo, Richard Helme, Shane Broussard, Robert Miller, Alexandre Bourdiaux, Carlos Layrisse, Gunnar Nelson, Elvin Vargas, Shivashish Puri