April 19th, 2024

Celebrating National Volunteer Month: Jim Tierney

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During National Volunteer Month, USTA Florida recognizes and honors volunteers and their invaluable work within the tennis community.  

In celebration of National Volunteer Month, USTA Florida is shining the spotlight on Jim Tierney, a dedicated volunteer of the tennis community, who has taken his passion for tennis and extended it to others. 

Jim’s journey with tennis began later in life. His interest was initially sparked by his mother giving him lessons at the age of 12 but at the time, Jim didn’t have any friends that played tennis, so it was hard for him to stay active in the sport. Even though he never played in junior or high school competitions, he still developed a love for the game. While in college he took a tennis class and became what he refers to as a “tennis bum.” 

His entry into volunteering came about when he stepped up to coach a wheelchair tennis clinic at the Patch Reef Tennis Center after the former coach left. After doing that, Jim filled out a volunteer form on the USTA Florida website, eager to give back to a sport. “Tennis afforded me many opportunities and I was in a position where I had the time and resources to start giving back,” he said. 

His itch to volunteer came from all his peers around him. Knowing many tennis volunteers and seeing his family give back in their communities, the seed had been planted in his brain for quite some time. “My family set a good example about volunteering and helping others,” Jim recalled. “My mother and father volunteered at church and other areas. My sister still volunteers countless hours for many worthy causes.”

He became involved with the Diversity & Inclusion, Adult Competition, Public Parks, Community Outreach, Nominating, and Wheelchair Project committees. Jim’s versatility and willingness to contribute wherever needed is extremely valued by his peers. 

In addition to his committee work, Jim volunteers extensively in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade Counties, and has organized wheelchair tennis exhibitions for prestigious tournaments like the Delray Beach Open and the Miami Open. He also helps initiatives like Dick Stockton’s “Boots on the Court” program at Ft. MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. 

What Jim loves most about tennis is that it challenges you both physically and mentally. It tests your determination, integrity, and sportsmanship,” he said. “It’s a game you can play for life, and it has opened doors to many wonderful relationships and friendships.” 

Jim’s dedication to tennis hasn’t gone unnoticed. “I hope this recognition will make others aware of volunteering opportunities and get them involved.” 

He encourages others to volunteer because he always feels good when he’s giving back to the community. “I consider myself very fortunate and tennis has been at the center of it. I love to help grow the game and share my passion for the game with others,” Jim said. “Simply put, it’s satisfying, and it makes you feel good.” 

“Just do it!” Jim said. “Step out of your comfort zone and get involved, there are volunteer positions for everyone. You’ll be glad you did!” USTA Florida is always looking for more volunteers and you can lead the charge in shaping the future of tennis. 

For more information on how to get started with volunteering in your county, visit ustaflorida.com/volunteer and start making a difference.