September 27th, 2017

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month! Meet Camila Ordonez!

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Meet  16-year-old Camila Ordonez, a player for more than 10 years with goals to improve her game and open doors for her future through tennis.

Question:  Where are you from?

Answer:  I was born in Florida but, my family is from Colombia.

Question:  How long have you been playing tennis and how did you get started?

Answer:  I started at the age of 5 when my dad starting putting me in tennis lessons. 

Question:  Where do you play?

Answer:  I train in Extreme Tennis Academy, located in Aventura, Florida.

Question:  Why did you choose tennis and what do you like the most about this sport?

Answer:  I chose tennis because it was the thing I most enjoyed doing and i had a strong passion towards it. What I like most about this sport is definitely the competition of the game. 

Question:  What has been your best accomplishment as a tennis player?

Answer:  My best accomplishment as a tennis player would probably be getting to the semifinals of an ITF in both singles and doubles. I have also won state championships and i have placed very well in national tournaments as well.

Question:  What are your main goals in tennis?.

Answer:  What I would like to accomplish is a tennis scholarship to a good college unless, I get to be professional. 

Question:  Why do you think is good for children and their families to play tennis?

Answer:  I think it is overall a very fun and competitive sport that everyone should try out. 

Question:  What message do you have for other Hispanic families who are looking for a sport for their kids?

Answer:  I think that it is a great sport to have their kids play. I think that they should go for it and if their kids want to play tennis then their families should support them. 

Question:  Who is your favorite pro player and why?

Answer:  My favorite pro tennis player is Jelena Ostapenko. I love the way she plays. She plays very aggressive, moves great on the court, and her strive and motivation is very impressive. I look up to her a lot and all of those great qualities that she has are things i would like to improve in my game.

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