July 25th, 2017

Cardio Tennis Courses Coming to South Florida

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South Florida will host three Cardio Tennis trainings in the coming months in Boca Raton and Naples for Level 1 and Level 2 courses.

Level 1 is a seven-hour course that teaches the fundamentals of Cardio Tennis and everything one needs to know to make a success at a facility. Participants will learn Cardio Tennis, its purpose and benefits; the six components of Cardio Tennis; the importance of heart rate monitors, how to use them and the latest technology; signature warm-up activities, games and drills, cool down activities, cardio blasts; and how to market and make money with Cardio Tennis.

Level 2 is a five-hour course that teaches the standards of Cardio Tennis and how to maintain the standards when the conditions change in regards to number of class participants, fitness and ability level. Participants will learn how to correctly deliver CT classes for unique size classes (5-16); to explain and apply the proper warm-up progressions, Cardio blasts and agility ladder patterns; to demonstrate exceptional feeding techniques with emphasis on timing, tempo, spin and safety; working with players of different skill and ability levels; and correct Cardio Tennis cueing.

Upcoming courses:

Aug. 18 — Boca Raton Level 1
Sept. 30 — Naples Level 1
Oct. 29 — Naples level 2

Cardio Tennis is a fun, group tennis fitness activity using fast-paced tennis games and drills for players of all ability and fitness levels, featuring music and heart rate monitors. It is a calorie burning, social, fitness activity for people of all ages.

For more info or to register go to www.CardioTennisTraining.com.